How to pack mirrors when moving to Fairfield, NJ

Moving to Fairfield, NJ is a difficult task that also takes a lot of time. You can, of course, complete this task successfully by hiring one of the moving companies NJ. However, you can save a little money if you choose to pack your own things in preparation for the move. While some of your belongings can be fairly easy to pack at home, you can still have problems with framed murals, fragile items, and large mirrors. Here are some useful tips to help you pack mirrors when moving.

Good quality packing materials are crucial when you pack mirrors when moving

First, you need to arm yourself with the right material. This means you need to spend some money on excellent quality packing materials. To pack the mirror for transport, you will need packing tape, styrofoam, bubble pack, custom box, and protective corners. It might sound a little extravagant, but these stocks are what will keep you from having to replace the mirror after the move is complete. So, invest now so that you do not pay for unnecessary expenses later. Keep in mind that all of these materials are also useful for moving various household items, making them a good investment.

Check “X”

A simple “X” mark on your mirror can protect it from breaking. Using packing tape, you should create an “X” on the outside of your mirror. This will help you prevent the glass from breaking during the move. In the worst case, if the mirror gets any damage, an “X” will protect the frame from this damage. Using this method, you can simply replace the mirror panel instead of replacing the entire mirror. If you want to pack mirrors like professional movers Fairfield NJ, don’t forget the “X”.

Watch the corners

When it comes to understanding how to pack a large mirror when moving, don’t just think about glass. Your mirror frame helps protect the glass from damage. In case the frame is damaged, the pane will also be damaged. Since the corners of the frame will be exposed the most, they also need a little extra protection. If you have a rectangular frame, the corner protectors will do the job just fine.

Vintage oval mirror
In case your mirror has curved edges, using bubble pack on the edges will help you pack mirrors when moving

Cover the mirror surface with cardboard

This is the next important step in understanding how to pack your mirror for moving to Fairfield, NJ. Take some cardboard and take accurate mirror measurements first to see how much you are cutting. Use a Stanley knife to cut the section correctly according to your needs. Place a piece of cardboard on top of the mirror and secure it using packing tape.

Use polystyrene on the surface

To get complete protection, you need to cut a piece of foam using the same measurements as for cardboard. Then lay it on top of the cardboard. When done, wrap the entire bundle in the bubble pack. You can now relax because you have turned your thin mirror into a strong cushioning bundle.

Place the mirror in the Box

Using a custom box is an important factor in packing a large mirror for moving. A custom box has several advantages. This can help move the mirror, and will also hold the mirror in place and prevent it from bouncing off during transport. You can get boxes at a reasonable price. Take the correct mirror measurements to get the box that best matches the size and shape of your mirror. If your mirrors are very expensive, very delicate, or oddly shaped, you can get a wooden box to prevent any damage.

Clearly label the box

Most of the time, people pack things carefully, but neglect this one important step. Mark “Fragile, handle with care” on each side of the box. This will signal the movers that there is something delicate inside the box that needs special care, even when you are not around.

Holding the mirror upright
Also, remember to always keep the mirror upright to protect it from something falling on it


You have now learned how to pack mirrors when moving to Fairfield, NJ. If you follow the instructions above carefully, your mirror will safely reach its new destination. Good luck!

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