How to pack kitchen appliances for a storage?

Those who move into a new apartment are often faced with the dilemma that although a kitchen is available, it does not at all meet their own taste. So what to do? The solution is called temporary storage. Movers can help you to pack kitchen appliances for storage Montclair NJ. This is a very important step when storing kitchen appliances.

Pack kitchen appliances for a storage

First, you should unplug all appliances. Don’t forget to disconnect the water and electrical connections. To be on the safe side, consult an electrician for this (caution: high current on the stove!). After that, you should check the connections of the countertops. In that case, new countertops would have to be purchased. They are, depending on the material, really expensive. After that, thoroughly clean all kitchen appliances with a suitable detergent and damp cloth and rub dry. To avoid damage during transportation and storage, individual appliances should be wrapped in special films.

Pack kitchen appliances for a storage
Clean all the appliances before you pack kitchen appliances for storage.

How do I pack the storage box so that the contents and the box are not damaged?

When packing the box, you should take care that no pointed or sharp objects press against the carton wall. Instead, place them elsewhere or pack them separately. Otherwise, there is a risk that the box will tear and lose stability. The box itself is best to place on a smooth floor. Storage on wooden pallets is not advisable because splinters can injure the cardboard. Movers Montclair NJ should replace damp boxes to ensure safe transportation. The total weight of the package and contents should not exceed the maximum weight, which is specified individually for each carton. A moving box, for example, should weigh no more than 40 pounds including contents.

Store kitchen appliances in a sustainable way

You should completely defrost the refrigerator and freezer for at least one day before removing them. Then clean with warm vinegar-water (vinegar essence) and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. Moisture residue can lead to mold growth if stored for a long period of time.  You would always store refrigerators and freezers upright. Also, make sure that the doors are always left ajar. A simple cooking spoon works best as a door opener here. You would also clean dishwashers and drain all water before the move. To prevent any residue from the water supply from dripping out later, it is best to close the opening carefully with an old rag. When storing temporarily for the necessary air circulation, do not close the drums completely.

Cleaning coffee machine
In principle, the same applies to kitchen appliances, coffee makers, and ovens. Well cleaned, dry, and covered, they will remain as good as new even if unused for a long time!

As you can see packing your kitchen appliances for storage requires a lot of work. Therefore, contact Gibraltar Van Lines and they can help you with that. You don’t have to bother unnecessarily when professionals can do all the work for you.

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