How to pack art pieces efficiently for your NJ move

The moving experience itself is very challenging. It is even more challenging when you have art pieces that you need to pay special attention to. So, in order to pack art pieces efficiently for your NJ move, you need to inform well first about what kind of wrap do you need. Basically, we can consider these as valuables. Therefore, you don’t want anything to happen to your valuables during transport. Maybe you have the experience yourself, in case this is not your first relocation. However, if you need help, you can rely on Gibraltar Van Lines to assist you in the process.

First, you need a plan so that you can pack art pieces efficiently for your NJ move

Every individual has different moving priorities. Of course, the checklist we will provide here does not necessarily mean that you need to do it like that too. However, have in mind that certain tips can be helpful. The whole process of moving all the stuff is pretty demanding. Still, art pieces, gym equipment, instruments, etc are extra difficult since they demand special attention. In case you need additional help, feel free to rely on movers Belleville to assist you with your moving specifics. Here is the potential draft:

  • use bubble wrap or other suitable paper
  • make sure to label the boxes
  • find adequate boxes
  • protect what is fragile
People packing their art for the move
In order to pack art pieces efficiently for your NJ move you need extra time and extra help

One of the primary things you need to do in order to pack art pieces efficiently for your NJ move is to find propper bubble wrap or paper

Of course, you can not just put the items in the box,  you need to protect them also. That rule applies to all the items and especially for the art pieces.  You can, of course, buy the packing supplies you need, but also use what you already have. Bubble wrap is kind of old-fashioned, but still the most popular packing material. However, when something is delicate or made of glass or similar, there is an old rule we always apply-  filling the boxes with wrapping paper, and then paper over it, and in the end the item itself.  If some items are extra delicate, you can add some rugs, blankets, or similar.

Make sure to label the boxes

Since you will probably hire one of the Hudson County movers to assist you with your moving process, maybe you will not have to try so hard about labeling. Still, to be on the safe side, make sure to label, at least the ones with art pieces, correctly. The most important thing is to put the accent on what is especially fragile. Well-trained and equipped moving professionals will pack all your delicate items perfectly, and you will not have to worry about anything.

Find adequate boxes

Not only one type of boxes will be enough. Make sure to ask around and find different ones, depending on what you need to pack.  You just need to make sure that they are not too big, since the items will break inside and basically you can find all those boxes in the shops nearby for free. On the other hand, if you are thinking about moving from Florida to NJ, maybe the company will have the boxes you need. For larger and heavier art pieces though, you need wooden boxes. It’s easier to pack art pieces efficiently with the right boxes and equipment. 

pack art pieces efficiently
We need to take care of each delicate item separately

Protect what is fragile

Fragile parts need to be extra protected. That is why we need to label them first. Then, we need to start using the additional materials. First, for paintings, for example, we need to cover the frame glass with adhesive tape. When we do that, we need to make sure that we do it from corner to corner in X. That way, we are protecting them from breaking.

All things considered, of course, we need to take care of properly packing all of the items. However, packing art for moving is very specific and demanding and that is why we need to pay special attention to it. Just make sure to invest enough time, find proper packing materials, and hire a great moving company that will help you in this procedure.

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