How to pack and move a mattress

What most people do not know is that packing and moving furniture is the most complex part of the moving process. One obvious reason is that you cannot just pack it in a box and move on. In most cases, furniture is disassembled as much as possible. All removable parts can be packed separately for easier transport. Even with disassembling, some pieces of furniture will still be large and odd in shape in a way that you need to be extra careful. One other important thing is the material furniture is made of. It is making it more difficult to protect when packing. You need to use special covers or blankets in order to safely move it from one place to another. This also applies when you need to pack and move a mattress. This is why moving companies like Gibraltar Van Lines are here, to make your life easier.

Step 1 – Should you even pack and move a mattress?

Mattresses and beds usually go together, but that doesn’t always need to be the case. If you are moving house, no need to bring absolutely everything. Make an assessment of what is it that you cannot do without, and which things are in a good shape. If you have a quality bed frame by all means take with you. Let your Bergen County movers disassemble it for you. When it comes to a mattress, assess how old it is, and in what shape it is. If it served you for over 6 years and is now all shabby and uncomfortable, no need to bring it with you. Mattresses should be an investment, but you should never be cheap when it comes to them. The quality of your sleep is very important for your general health. Your back will be grateful for a comfortable surface to lay and sleep on.

An illuminated question mark on the black wall
Ask yourself first if you want to move your mattress with you if it is not in a good shape anymore

Size of your mattress matters

The bigger the mattress, the bigger the problem to pack and move it. This rule is not without exceptions but we will not talk about those here. Take a measuring tape and determine the size of your mattress. Only after that will you be able to make other plans on how to pack and move a mattress. In order to take it out of your apartment or a house, you need to know if it will actually go through your door. For single mattresses that is not the issue, but for king size beds, it can be challenging. Especially if you are moving into a high-rise apartment in NJ. Also, bear in mind that you will be moving a mattress that will be a bit larger, due to all the stuff you will pack it into, which will add a few inches here and there.

Measuring tape on the green surface
Knowing the size of your mattress is the first step towards successful packing

How to actually pack and move a mattress

Few things to remember here. First of all, get someone to help you. Engage a friend or two, to help with packing and keeping the mattress stable. Another thing is to obtain supplies needed for the packing of a mattress. What you need is a cover and a bag for the mattress. Put the cover over the mattress and then place it in the plastic mattress bag. Clear the path from the bedroom to the moving vehicle. With king-size mattresses it can be hard to navigate due to their size and weight, that is why you need friends helping you out. This all applies if you plan on doing all of this alone. If you can afford it, we also suggest hiring movers due to a lot of benefits of professional packing services. But the decision will be yours, according to your budget.

Choosing an appropriate vehicle for this move

Which type of vehicle you will use will definitely depend on the size of your mattress. What is really important is that you under no circumstances fold your mattress. You need to keep it flat, or maybe on the side with nothing on top of it. The best vehicles for transporting mattresses are rentals DIY moving trucks. Would be great if you can find one of those. What can also serve its purpose is a van. The back of the van can be wide and long enough for a mattress if you take down the back seats. A pick-up truck can also be a legitimate option. It does leave your mattress exposed, but if you are moving during dry weather and pack your mattress properly, should be fine. The fourth option is hiring professionals who will use their vehicle and transport the mattress safely to a new location.

A pick up truck that can be used to pack and move a mattress
Even though your mattress will be exposed, if protected well, a pickup truck can serve its purpose

Unpacking the mattress after the move

Unpacking will not be as complex as packing and moving a mattress. As soon as you start unpacking the boxes, prioritize unpacking the mattress. Let it breathe by taking it out of the box/bag and cover you put it in. If you have sunny weather outside, by all means, take it outside, to breathe and soak some sunbeams. After that, some vacuuming will be preferable. Even better, if you own a steam cleaner, you can use it instead. That will help clean the mattress from all the dust and other invisible enemies. And as a final touch put some disinfectant on it and scrub it nicely with a clean cloth. Leave it for a few hours and then put on some clean sheets. This might take all day with all the phases, but it will be worth it.

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