How to pack and move a hot tub safely

You are relocating soon. This means you must pack your entire home in the upcoming weeks. Also, you must make a thorough moving plan with all tasks included and search for reliable movers NJ. What makes it so hard are the robust items you possess. Some are extremely hard to disassemble and others require more people to handle. One of those items is a hot tub. Therefore, today we will provide a few tips and tricks on how to pack and move a hot tub. Let’s cover this one together.

Find a moving company to help you pack and move a hot tub

To pack and move a hot tub the right way, you’ll need a bit of help. It is a massive item and in most situations with little to no detachable pieces. It is a robust item that will require proper tools, vehicles, and enough experienced manpower to relocate safely. And you will find all those perks in a reliable moving company. Simply hire the best movers West Caldwell NJ to do this job for you. They have the knowledge and the means to execute this task with almost no risks at all. Hence, find a moving company in your area and give them a call.

Young people browsing the internet
Find movers capable of undertaking such a huge project.

You are probably wondering where to find a specialized moving team for such a job? The answer is simple. Browse online to find your interstate movers NJ. After a few minutes, you’ll find several viable choices. Take a closer look at your picks and compare prices, services, and read reviews. This way you’ll figure out what kind of approach your movers have and confirm their legitimacy. Then give them a call and confirm that they have all the tools, licenses, and a proper moving vehicle for the job. Once you confirm everything, schedule an appointment and your movers will come over and provide onsite estimates. Let them develop the best plan to pack and move a hot tub to your new place.

Calculate your moving budget

Now, before you contact your moving company, you must figure out how much money you can invest in moving. You will surely need special moving services NJ or at least a specialized moving team that can move a hot tub. So, inspect your home, your belongings, and your furniture. Realize the complexity of the situation and figure out how many packing supplies are needed. Then call your movers and obtain a moving price. Once you have it all on paper, then set aside an appropriate moving budget. Hopefully, you’ll have enough to cover the whole deal and all the necessities.

pack and move a hot tub with a proper budget in hands
Ensure you have enough funds to cover the whole moving process. Calculate your budget precisely.

How will you handle the packing process?

The very first step is to obtain all the packing materials required. The list of moving supplies is already too long but luckily, for moving a hot tub, you’ll need only a few. Focus on obtaining blister packs, corner pads, and packing tape. And before you begin, consult the instruction manual. You should have it somewhere but in case you lost it you should be able to download a new copy of an official manufacturer’s website. What you want to know is how to safely unplug and remove the power source. Then, which parts are detachable and how to treat them right. Also, pay special attention to screws and bolts. Some pieces look like they can be disassembled but in fact, they are not meant to be.

Once you know all the basics, disassemble your hot tub and wrap each piece in bubble wrap. Apply packing tape around each piece to hold everything together. And finally, use corner pads to strengthen the whole batch and keep it safe against damages. And now your hot tub is ready to go. Although, we must recommend skipping the whole packing part and enlisting professionals to do it right. There is a reason why this huge item is delivered and assembled by the manufacturer. It is a complicated process that requires tools and knowledge to be done right. More importantly, an expensive one. Stay safe and let professionals do this one for you.

Are you ready? Let’s pack and move a hot tub

We already covered the packing part and advised you should probably skip it altogether. But what you can do before your movers arrive, is to drain the water and clean your tub thoroughly. It is an obvious task because movers won’t move it if there are liquids inside. Therefore, take an hour of your time and make your hot tub nice and shiny. And remember, the very first step is to remove the power source. Depending on the model you have, there can be a radio or even a touchpad installed which can have batteries or a completely different power source. So, guided by your situation, remove the dangerous aspect out of the equation before you start the cleaning process.

Utility cord in the wall
Locate and remove the power source before you attempt anything.

Do you have enough space in your new home?

One last question for you. Do you know where to install your hot tub? Do you have enough space in your home for it? Maybe you are moving into an apartment and you lack the backyard to support it at all. It is an unfortunate event but a real one. If something similar happened to you, a quick solution is on the horizon. You can rent a storage unit in the vicinity of your home and store your hot tub there. This can be a temporary solution or a long term investment. Hence, find yourself a storage unit provider or rent one from your movers. Keep your hot tub there until you are ready to use it again.

Ok, now you know how to pack and move a hot tub. It is a complicated task simply because such an item is expensive and hard to handle. It is one of those items that you must move with the help of a professional and an adequate set of tools to support it. Hopefully, you’ll find a moving company that can handle your request and relocates you and your hot tub safely. Good luck.

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