How to pack a nursery for the move

When you need to go through a relocation process, packing your nursery might be the last thing you want to pack. But you need to prepare for it ahead of time if you want to make it easier on yourself. You have two main options when it comes to this. The first is to hire a moving company, such as Gibraltar Van Lines, to pack your nursery for you. That way, the whole process is going to take a minimal amount of time. But you can also pack everything on your own if you follow the guidelines in this article. If you want to pack a nursery for the move the right way, simply read on and we will explain every step of the process.

Pack a nursery for the move with ease!

Here are the steps for successful packing:

  • Clean everything thoroughly
  • Start early and pack seasonal items first
  • Gather moving boxes, packing supplies, and necessary tools
  • Declutter
  • Disassemble crib and bed
  • Protect sensitive items before packing
  • Hire a professional mover


person with a rug and gloves cleaning
Cleaning your nursery always comes first!

Clean everything thoroughly

The first order of business is to ensure that everything in your nursery is sparkly clean. This will ensure that you don’t bring any of the dirt or bacteria from your old place to the new one. You are going to need various chemicals for this, which you may want to acquire beforehand. But the chances are that you already have everything that you require. All you might need to procure are some anti-bacterial solutions and you will be ready to go. Before handing your belongings to movers West Caldwell NJ, they need to be clean and disinfected. This will ensure maximum safety for everyone involved in the relocation process. This will be your first priority.

Start early and pack seasonal items first

You may also want to start to pack a nursery for the move as soon as possible. That does not mean that you will forgo the use of it, it means that you can safely pack some of the items that you will not be using before the moving day comes. You can store these items in one of the storage Montclair NJ units if you want to have an easier time tidying up your home before the move. The best belongings to pack first are the seasonal items. You will not need to use them until their season comes so might as well pack them early. Go around the nursery and identify all the items that you can pack sooner rather than later. If you start early enough, you can divide the work into segments, which will make for a smoother relocation experience.

Gather moving boxes, packing supplies, and necessary tools

Every relocation needs containers and packing the nursery is no exception. You are going to need moving boxes or bins, as well as various packing supplies. Depending on the type of your nursery, you may also require specific tools. When organizing the packing effort, try to figure out what will you need. Then purchase those items in one go. This will save you a few trips to the store. Of course, if you opt to go with packing services, you can forget about this part as your movers will bring everything they need.

one cardboard box
Having the right containers is a necessity for nursery packing.


Declutter before you pack a nursery for the move

Before you start packing everything, you might want to figure out what not to pack. This process is called “decluttering” and it involves the removal of items you will not be carrying with you. Every home and every nursery has items that you have a replacement or a newer version of. By removing these belongings from the packing process, you will reduce the amount of work and the overall moving cost. Therefore, it is quite important in the whole process. Reducing the cost of your relocation will enable you to invest the funds into making it easier. Like hiring additional services or paying for other conveniences.

Disassemble crib and bed

You will need to transport the crib and the bed in parts. Which means that you will need to disassemble them first. However, crib disassembly might be difficult if you haven’t done it at least once. Either acquire the necessary knowledge by reading about it or watching a video on it, or employ professionals for this task. The bed will be easier but it still might require some effort. Give this some consideration and if you can try practicing before the relocation day comes. This way, you will ensure that everything will go smoothly when it does.

Protect sensitive items before packing

Every nursery has some sensitive items. You are going to need to make sure that they receive adequate protection for their transportation. You can use a variety of packing supplies for this purpose. However, bubble wrapping is just about the best material for this job. It will protect your belongings from any shocks or small drops. If you combine it with other packing materials, such as packing peanuts, packing paper, etc. you are going to have a near-indestructible packaging.

person wrapping sensitive item
Using bubble wrapping is a great way to protect your sensitive belongings.


Hire a professional mover to pack a nursery for the move instead of you

But if you are unsure that you are going to do a good job, you can always hire professionals to do the work for you. While this might put a small dent in your relocation budget, it is the best way to save time and ensure the safety of your belongings. Professional moving companies will bring all the supplies and tools that are needed for the task and they will have it over in record time. You can use the time they free up to simply relax or to finish an additional chore or two. Or you can have your movers provide you with expert advice on the packing process. Either way, do try to involve them in nursery packing, one way or another. It will make for an easier process.

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