How to pack a bedroom for a long distance move

It’s important to stay organized when you pack a bedroom for a long distance move. The bedrooms are often the place where you keep a large number of items, beddings, wardrobe, personal items, and such. So it can be quite challenging to pack everything, especially if you’re in a hurry. Making a schedule or plan can save the day and speed up the packing process. It’s a lot easier when you have the checklist and when you set the priorities. When that part is over, it’s time to get moving supplies. Choose wisely according to your needs and the number of your items. Pack a bag of essentials and then start packing from rarely used items and seasonal pieces. In case of any setbacks, moving and storage NJ can help you out and complete the move.

Sorting and downsizing the inventory of your bedroom

This step is crucial because it can notably reduce the number of items for packing. And it can reduce the number of necessary moving supplies. The less the load, the smaller the transportation vehicle. This can result in saving you some time and money. So be thorough, and sort your inventory into three piles, keep, donate and discard. Especially pay attention to clothes, and purge your wardrobe. Use this opportunity and get rid of pieces you don’t wear anymore. Also, part with anything that has stains or damage, or no longer fits you. Donate your well-kept pieces to your local charity organization. Downsize even more so if you’re facing a long-distance relocation. Hiring a long distance movers NJ will notably ease your move. 

a woman sitting on the floor and writing tips on how to pack a bedroom for a long distance move
Make a checklist for packing your bedroom.

Obtain packing supplies for bedroom move

You can buy, rent or get for free all needed moving supplies. Some moving companies offer their clients unlimited and free packing services and boxes NJ. This can save you from the hassle of running around and searching for boxes and other materials. However, if you move on a budget, try to find moving supplies online. A lot of people donate their moving supplies after their move is over. You’ll need cardboard boxes of at least two sizes. For breakable and fragile items, get sturdy boxes with cushioning and bubble wrap. Also, wardrobe boxes are ideal for your clothes. Besides that, obtain packing tape and paper, and labels. Furniture blankets and pads are great protection from scratching. You’ll need some twine to secure the drawers and closet doors. Don’t forget to find some filling material, at least crumpled newspaper.

Start packing your bedroom inventory

It can be daunting to pack a bedroom for a long distance move. All those stuff waiting to be wrapped and placed in boxes. It can get overwhelming but don’t panic. Split the room into a few zones and pack one by one. You’ll feel better with every sealed and labeled box. The best is to start with the rarely used items and seasonals, like Christmas decorations and ski gear. Don’t forget to prepare a box of essentials with underwear, socks, and toiletries. Keep reading for more advice on how to pack specific pieces.

a light bedroom with opened balcony
Pay special attention to fragile items when you pack a bedroom for a long distance move.
  • For wardrobe, it’s best to get wardrobe boxes, designed for clothes on the hangers. Just simply move several hangers with clothes from a closet to a box. As for the clothes in the drawers, keep them there rolled, and just secure the drawer with a rope.
  • Shoes and hats, along with other accessories, are the safest in their original boxes. If you don’t have them, pick similar-sized boxes and fill the gaps with crumpled paper. Wrap shoes separately, and be careful with the pointy heels. Don’t shove them to avoid scratches.
  • All fragile items, like glass decorations, lamps, and chandeliers, wrap in bubble wrap and pack separately. Choose the smallest fitting boxes and fill the gaps with styrofoam peanuts. The same goes for the mirrors and framed arts, a lot of bubble wrap, flat boxes, and corner protectors. 
  • Your beddings and blankets can be useful as padding materials.
  • All the rugs and curtains must be washed and cleaned before packing. Vacuum your carpet and roll it on a flat surface. Wrap it in a packing paper and tie it with rope, but avoid plastic wraps because of the possible moisture.

How to pack bedroom furniture?

You might think that packing furniture is an easy part. However, it’s harder than you think and requires some effort and skills. You’ll need some tools for disassembling furniture. If you prefer, entrust your long-distance relocation to interstate movers NJ. And be sure that your furniture will arrive without a scratch. But if you want to do it by yourself, here are some pointers. First, take apart all the pieces, handles, casters, screws, and nuts and keep them in a bag or small box. Make sure you secure all the closet doors, with a rope because the tape leaves marks. Wrap furniture legs in bubble wrap, and use furniture pads and blankets. Plastic stretch wrap is an ideal solution for sofas or chairs. For wooden furniture use moving pads and blankets. Add edge protectors for tables and dressers.

A man rolling carpet and woman with the laptop
Roll your carpets and protect your mattress when packing.

A few more tips for packing your bedroom for a move

Protect your earlier cleaned mattress from dirt and damage with a stretch wrap. Or you can order protective bags for mattresses for storage and moving. There are even cardboard boxes for mattresses in all sizes. As for the books that you keep in your bedroom, use smaller boxes. Books are heavy, and big boxes can be hard to lift. Not to mention lifting injuries. For jewelry and valuables, we advise original packing and extra padding. Also, you might want to buy an insurance policy for these items. If this sounds like too much work for you, better hire professionals. A capable crew of your moving company can pack a bedroom for a long distance move for you. 

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