How to organize your pantry before the move

The organization is very important when moving. You need it if you want to pull everything off. Everything that you do regarding your move needs to be coordinated and well thought. When you pack your items, you should make sure that you have organized everything and made the packing much easier. Pantry is no exception. There are usually a lot of different things located there so you will have to spend some time cleaning the room. If you want to organize your pantry, be sure to find out how to do it properly. After that, you just have to hire a reliable moving company, like Gibraltar Van Lines, and enjoy the ride!

Organize your pantry like a pro!

In order to do this, you should follow some rules so that you could be sure you are doing a fine job.

  • Declutter the pantry
  • Divide into categories
  • Label the items
  • Clean the pantry
  • Expiring dates are important
  • Use containers

Declutter the pantry

One of the first things that you want to do is to declutter and reduce the number of things located there. The most important things that you should focus on is fruit and perishables. The reason for this is the fact that most moving companies avoid moving these items. Another thing is that you should throw away anything that seems rotten or bad. By throwing away things that you will not use again, you will lower the weight of your load. That means that you will pay less for the entire relocation since most movers Nutley NJ charge by the weight.

Divide into categories

After you declutter and throw away things that you do not need, you should divide the rest of the things into categories. We know that people usually do not place similar things together. We often do not have time to do this, but you need to make time for this before the relocation. Making your pantry organized is the key thing for a successful relocation. When categorizing, you want to place similar things together. For example, you should place all liquors in one place, snacks in another, and so on. It will make your packing much easier when the time comes.

food and drinks on shelves - organize your pantry
Divide your food and drinks into categories!

Label the items

When organizing the pantry before the relocation, you need to think about labeling the items stored. We all know how the pantry can be filled with different kinds of things. All of that can create additional confusion and you may feel hopeless. This can easily be prevented just by labeling things. You should write everything down so that you could know what items to throw away and what to keep. It is the only way to be sure that you will not use precious time on the pantry when you could have spent it on something more important.

jars with spice
Label everything and organize with ease!

Clean the pantry

Cleaning your pantry has a very important role in the whole process. Due to the purpose of the room, there are usually liquids, oils on the floor, or on the jars. It may seem like nothing but when we consider that everything has to be perfect for your relocation, it can be a problem. Also, your liquids can spill during the ride. Besides knowing how to pack liquids for the move, you need to make sure that everything is dry and closed.

Expiring dates are important

If you have food that expired, you know what you need to do. On the other hand, if you have food and drinks that will expire soon, you should use them instead of throwing them out. If you want to use them yourself, be sure to place them on the front shelves. This will make them visible and you will not forget to use them the next time you want to.

On the other hand, you can even donate your food to various charities throughout the US. It is a nice way to avoid food going to waste and doing something good at the same time!

Donation is the best way to get rid of extra items

Use containers

In order to sort out the pantry properly, you should think about using containers. The most common case is that people have too many items located there. Even if you declutter, you still may have a lot of things you need to think about. The best way to organize them and avoid losing time is to use containers. You should pack everything that you have in containers and simply write the content. This way, you will know what is where and you will find it with ease!

Do not wait until the last minute!

You can see that there are a lot of ways for you to organize the pantry and get prepared. On the other hand, all of these tips are not important if you are reckless and do not start on time. You open up to a possibility where there is so much that could go wrong. You need to avoid this and start preparing and organizing your pantry on time. It is the only way to survive the stress that this process brings to the table!


Moving a pantry is not that common nowadays. Most people would throw away everything and be done with it. On the other hand, you do not have to do this. All you need is a little perspective on how you should do things. It is not often easy, especially if you do not know what you have to do exactly.

As we have said, you need to organize your pantry if you want to relocate with ease. It does not matter where you want to move. There are a lot of moving companies NJ to FL, NYC to LA, or anywhere for that matter that will relocate you. But the real job is on you. So, be sure to follow the tips on this list and you should be prepared just in time for your relocation! 

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