How to move your wine collection safely

Are you an occasional wine collector or a real connoisseur? Do you carefully choose the type of wine you will have for dinner, or serve your friends to? If so, then you most probably already have your own collection of carefully selected wines. When the time comes to move your wine collection because you are moving house, be careful how to do it. First of all, depending on the size of the collection you need to establish if you will be transporting it on your own or you will hire a professional. If you have no more than a dozen bottles, then moving it yourself might be cheaper. But if you own much more than that, please get in touch with professionals to do this for you. Companies like Gibraltar Van Lines are the perfect example of the movers that can meet your needs for this move.

Estimate the worth before you move your wine collection

Bottles of collectors wine can cost between a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand. If you are not sure about the worth of all of your bottles, you might want to consider hiring an appraiser. Knowing the exact or at least approximate worth of your collection is very important. It is no different than having a collection of art pieces that you want to protect during the move and transportation. When choosing the moving company that will move this wine collection for you, they need to know the worth ahead. Based on the worth you provide the movers will probably ask you to fill in the High-Value Inventory form, as the basic coverage will not cover your collection. If you decide to use the services of movers Belleville NJ, make sure to let them know about your valuable collection.

A dollar bill on the white table in front of a white wall
Make sure to estimate the value of your wine collection

The shipping method you will use when moving a wine collection

The shipping method will depend on the size of your collection and on the depth of your pocket. Transporting crates of wine is much cheaper if shipped by air. But if you have a number of cases that air shipping does not allow, you might have to do it another way, which will cost more. That other option is using a refrigerated truck. This will be more expensive and longer transportation, but if that is the only way, nothing you can do about it. Learn all these things in advance, so you can prepare a separate budget for this wine collection. If you are moving to another state, then best to use the services of state to state movers NJ. Make sure to ask if they are willing to transport liquid and if they have the special conditions in which you need to move your wine collection.

Packing your wine collection

Packing of your wine collection should be treated the same as packing collectibles for a move. You should handle it with extra care. Do not just use retail boxes you bought your wine in. It needs more protection than that. If you are moving it in your own car, you can improvise some sort of a wooden or plastic crate in which you can place the bottles. It is important for them not to touch each other during transport. Use styrofoam wherever possible, to add extra protection. You need to keep the cork wet, so pack the bottles upside down or on the side. Make sure to label the boxes as ‘fragile’, and to draw how the boxes should be positioned, based on the position of the bottles. And finally, keep the temperature in mind, as very low or high temperatures can spoil the wine, so don’t take any risks.

Wooden crate with Fragile sign on, required when required to move your wine collection
Pack the wine bottles carefully and mark the boxes as fragile

Learn the legal regulations about wine transportation

Before you embark on the move of your entire home along with the wine collection, make sure to check a few things. First of all, you need to know the laws of the state you are moving to. This is, of course, providing that you are moving to another state. If you are just moving within the state, you should already be aware of all the legal regulations. In case you are moving across the country, find out the regulations in that area. Rules and regulations regarding wine collection transportation vary from state to state. Do not be surprised if you find out that there is a limited amount of wine you can transport for your own use. Everything above that some law or regulation might flag you as a wine seller or a dealer for which we are certain you do not have a license.

A gavel on a white surface
Learn about laws and regulations of wine transportation in the state you are moving to

What happens after the move?

Your wine collection should be the last to unpack. Take your time and unpack room by room, leaving the wine bottles last. If you have special shelves on which you plan on placing the bottles, do this when you are least tired. A full alert will be needed for arranging this collection. This will also apply if you actually moved into a house and you have your own cellar to put these in. This is an expert level, so you will definitely know how to do this the best way. Wines are not supposed to be opened at least a week after you have moved in, maybe even two weeks. Let them settle in. The third option for storing after you move your wine collection is renting a climate-controlled storage unit. This is required if you just do not have enough room or conditions to keep your collection at home.

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