How to handle moving with a newborn

Having a baby is always a great change for a family. Your new and energetic family member will surely bring new happiness into your lives, but also new responsibilities. Often, people decide to move to a new home where things will be more comfortable for their newly enlarged family. If that is the case with you, here’s some advice on how to handle moving with a newborn.

How to handle moving with a newborn

Today, find out more about:

  • Plan well before moving with a newborn
  • Routine is key
  • Regulations during the move
  • Unpacking after the move
  • Making the new home adequate for your child

Plan well before moving with a newborn

In all life situations, planning is crucial. However, moving with a newborn puts one in a state of higher alert. Therefore, it cannot be stressed enough how much it’s important to plan in this instance. Firstly, before moving, it might be a good idea to get some activity going on around the house. In this way, your toddler might notice that things are changing and might become more aware that something’s happening. Secondly, make sure that you’ve consulted a moving company before you plan out the entire operation. Yes, everybody thinks it’s tempting to move on your own, but hiring a moving company is absolutely essential. If you’re somewhere from New Jersey and wondering whether there are any good moving companies NJ, take a look. They’ll be able to professionally guide you through the whole process.


Before determining what kind of packing you should get, you need to know whether you’re moving long or short distance. In case it’s the first option, long distance movers NJ is something you might consider. But, in general, moving with a newborn is a totally new scenario, regardless of the distance. Here are a few steps you need to go through. First of all, you need to box-up any unnecessary stuff you have. Within this context, packing your baby’s stuff is of absolute priority. Take the non-essentials and pack them in special boxes which you will label as “Nursery”. Non-essentials constitute items like clothes, blankets, extra toys, and others of a similar sort. This, along with the rest of your baby’s stuff, should be packed last. This is because it needs to be taken out first in order to avoid any damage. It might good to even pack on moving day.

A team moving packing boxes.


Knowing that you can get easily lost with all the items that were mentioned, it’s always a good idea to have lists. They will help you prioritize and make sure that you have everything covered. They also come in handy when you need to make a last quick run through your personal belongings. In addition, they will help you determine whether you need any boxes and of what kind. Although you can get boxes in your local supermarket, often for free. However, if you need some sturdy and specialized packaging, you might want to check out this moving company. They often come pro bono if you opt to complete your move with them. Coming back to checklists, some of the items which must be included in them are the following: Clothing, wipes, diapers, toys….

Routine is key:

As you know well by now, babies and toddlers are very dependent upon routine. It structures their days entirely and a few consecutive alterations can easily bring about a great change. Using this knowledge, you can predict a few things that can ease the whole process of moving with a newborn. You can start with your baby’s eating routine, for instance. Approximately, you should know when the eating times for your child are. Next, make sure you get snacks and drinks that will be readily available to your baby during the move. By doing so, you’re avoiding unnecessary turbulences should your child be hungry. It would also help if you prepared some distractions for your child during the move. Anything can be of use – iPad cartoon, new toys, or something else to play with. Some of this advice can also be provided by movers East Orange NJ. They can help.

A woman holding an electronic device on a white background.
Electronic devices can often serve as great distractions for your baby.

Regulations during the move

In order to make moving with a newborn as safe as possible, you should cover a few things. Firstly, try to get a good baby transporter in your car. If, by any chance, you can’t do this, find a trustworthy person who can take care of the baby whilst the move is settled. Alternatively, if you are renting a van for the move, make sure that it has a baby seat. Finally, always keep dangerous objects, such as scissors, tools, or sharp-edged furniture away from your child.

Unpacking after the move

It is absolutely essential that the first room which you unpack will be your child’s. This is because it needs to be made functional ASAP so that it disrupts your baby the least. Furthermore, the feeling of calmness and familiarity that children experience in new spaces when they find their stuff around is key. This makes the move as least traumatic as possible and will make it much easier for them to adapt. Speaking of a smooth move, you might want to check out the top 11 baby carriers that you can find.

A baby in a baby transporter
Having a good transporter is necessary for relocating well with a newborn.

Making the new home adequate for your child:

Once you move in and unpack the necessary belongings, there’s another very important step you need to take. Namely, you need to make sure that the new house is fully equipped and ready for your newborn. Therefore, dangerous materials need to be removed from its vicinity. A good general cleaning would be nice as well, but sometimes it’s not possible immediately after the move. You can install child-resistant locks on drawers that contain hazardous materials, such as chemicals, matches, etc. Furthermore, blocking dangerous areas of the house, as well as stairways, from child access is also a good idea. Windows need to be secured with window guards, whilst electrical outlets also need to be covered. Finally, if you want to be completely secure, you can put smoke and carbon detectors, just in case.

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