How to get quotes from moving companies in Parsippany, NJ

If you want to get quotes from moving companies in Parsippany, you should first understand what to expect and how they are made. Moving quotes are a good way for a client to gather all the information they need about the relocation process. Moreover, it helps you create a moving budget and see if you require any additional assistance with the relocation. When you consider hiring movers Parsippany NJ you want to have the most accurate estimate on how much your move is going to cost. By doing enough research and not rushing, you can calculate the best option for you.

What type of moving estimates will you get when you get quotes from moving companies in Parsippany?

If you opt for a professional moving company to help you relocate, like moving companies Morris County NJ, you will have the option to know the cost of the move. This is done by the moving company. They will arrive at your location and, judging by the number of items you move and their weight, they will give you an estimated cost of the move. This can help you both determine your moving budget and see if you are moving too much or too little. A moving estimate is a basis of calculating the moving budget and you should take several of them into consideration. However, before we dive into that, here are some of the main moving estimates you will encounter:

  • Binding moving estimate
  • Non-binding moving estimate
  • Binding-not-to-exceed moving estimate
a woman and a man developing a moving budget after they get quotes from moving companies in Parsippany
A moving estimate will help you know the cost of moving and thus, determine your moving budget

As we discuss these types of moving estimates you will have a better insight into what they do and how they can help you move.

Binding moving estimate

This type of estimate will determine the exact price you have to pay to move your items. This means that you will pay the exact amount for the items the moving company estimated. If you add any additional items, that are not on the initial inventory list, you will be charged extra. Therefore, before you get quotes from moving companies in Parsippany make sure all of your items are on the moving list.

Non-binding moving estimate

This type of estimate is used to give a general calculation of the moving cost. However, the price determined by this estimate is not definite. It may vary depending on the weight of your items and the services you require for the move. If your items are heavier than initially thought, you will have to pay extra, but never above 110% of the original price.

Binding-not-to-exceed moving estimate

This type of estimate is almost the same as the first estimate. However, the biggest difference is that you can actually pay less than originally planned if the weight of your items is less than the estimate.

Tips when you get quotes from moving companies in Parsippany

Utilizing the moving estimate will be the best way to ensure the moving budget for the relocation. It will help you know how much you have to spend. Moreover, you will be aware of certain items having too much weight. You can go through your items one more time before you opt for moving and storage NJ services and discard of certain items that weight too much. This way you can reduce the initial cost of the move.

Create an inventory list

To have the best insight into the moving process and the moving estimate make sure you have an inventory list near you. This way, you can always know what items are ready for the move and which ones are not. It will play a big part in calculating the moving estimate once the moving company agent arrives. Moreover, as they evaluate your items, you can check it with them to make sure everything is okay.

a couple creating a checklist of items inside a box as they pack
An inventory checklist will help you get insight into how much items you have and what to do next

However, if you decide to declutter and get rid of certain items, you can uncheck them from the list and add something else.

In-home inspection is the safest way to get an accurate estimate

If you decide to get a moving estimate you should always opt for the in-home one. Namely, you always have the option to do so over the phone or video-call. However, the best and the safest way is by having the company agent come to your home. This method is the most accurate way to get an estimate. The company can see how heavy the items are and how much space they will take. If you want to use a storage unit, this can help you decide which items you should not store inside a unit.

Consider additional costs

Many services you opt for will cost extra when you move. This is why you should talk to the moving company and state which services you want to use. For instance, you might require packing assistance or renting a storage unit. By doing so you will know the price for those services right away.

a woman counting money as she calculates her expenses
If you decide to opt for a certain additional service from the moving company you should calculate it inside the moving budget to avoid additional unexpecting costs

This will help you avoid any additional or hidden costs of the move. It will also help you calculate the moving budget and the cost of all the services.

Ask about the moving date

Moving estimates have an expiry date. When you get quotes from moving companies in Parsippany make sure to write down the date of expiry. This is a very important part of the whole process. For instance, if you are moving during the summer you are more likely to pay a bit more for the services. This is because the summer is peak season and movers are quite occupied in that period. Moreover, as soon as you get your estimate make sure to ask about how long it lasts. If you wait for too long it might expire and you will need a new one. When you find out about the date you can make careful plans about the relocation.

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