How to get along with your landlord

Once you move out of your parent’s home, you are filled with a sense of enthusiasm. After all, there will never again be arguments of “while you are under my roof” type. However, unless you just bought your own house/apartment, you are probably going to have someone else partially in charge as well. You will have your landlord, the person you pay you to rent to. They will not be as overbearing as your parents, sure, but having a good relationship with them is key to a happy life at your new place. Therefore, let us delve into the topic at hand – how to get along with your landlord.

Rule number one of how to get along with your landlord – pay on time!

Ok, so let us start from the basics. This might seem rather obvious, but the importance of paying regularly and on time is not to be understated. After your preferred movers Passaic County NJ relocate you to your new apartment, you will have some time to prepare. To unpack your items, to regulate the utilities, post, etc. However, you must also be sure to pay rent. It is surprisingly easy to get lost in the responsibilities you now have while you are just moving in. Therefore, it can happen that people are late for their first rent.

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Paying rent on time is important

However, first impressions matter. There is a thing called the halo effect. It refers to a phenomenon happening inside the person’s head after they first meet someone. If the first experience is good, their brain will pick and choose the good aspects of the person when they meet them again, seemingly confirming the first impression. Unfortunately, the same is true for when someone forms a bad first impression. No matter what they do, due to the hallo effect, they are likely to find ways to justify their first impression. There is no better way to form a bad first impression with a landlord than not to pay your first rent on time.

Therefore, if you want to get along with your landlord, pay rent on time. That is also true for those after the first one, of course. Just think of it from their perspective. They rely on rent for their own income. The same way you don’t want your wages to be late, they don’t want the rent to be late. Furthermore, they have responsibilities around the apartment – you don’t want them to waive those just on the excuse of you missing rent!

In good faith and upfront

Your relationship with your landlord should function like your relationship with your movers. Both have significant responsibility for your life and safety. So, the same way you dealt with Gibraltar Van Lines movers, you should deal with your landlord.

This is, of course, true in everyday life as well. You always want to be upfront with people and act in good faith. However, when you want to get along with your landlord, you also really want to emphasize the upfront part. 

A handshake
Always act in good fate

Having trouble in your apartment? Note them on time. You did some damage? Disclose that on time. They are very likely to understand that accidents happen or that problems need their attention if you tell them on time. If you delay those things they could think you are hiding something. Also, you are just delaying the things that ought to be done as soon as possible.

Now that we are talking about things that should be done, we should also consider…

Cleanliness and damage

Let’s see what you shouldn’t do. You definitely shouldn’t damage anything. Of course, it is safe to assume that nobody intends to do any damage to the place they live in. However, when the movers Newark NJ relocated you to is yours, you should feel more at ease. After all, you would only be damaging what is yours.

However, when you are moving into an apartment of your landlord, you have a responsibility towards them. It is still their apartment and their responsibility. After you move out, they will have to know they can resell it again. Therefore, take extra care not to damage something since you are liable.

Also, make sure the apartment is clean. You do have a responsibility to keep it at a somewhat representable state. And even if you don’t, it is a good way to show the landlord that you respect the apartment. Your relationship will be a lot better if they see you care.

Stay in contact

To get along with your landlord you should be in regular communication. The same way you were in constant contact with your movers Livingston NJ… Of course, don’t overdo it. Some checkups are good just so you both know that there is no bad news and that everything is fine.


To get along with your landlord you should also make sure that they keep their part of the deal. You should read up on landlord-tenant laws in order to know exactly what are their responsibilities.

Be sure that you know that maintenance is their responsibility

Be sure that you do yours, and that they do theirs. They have to know that you are aware of the nature of both parties in order to build a healthy relationship.

Relationship with your neighbors

Finally, you should also build a good relationship with your neighbors, as that will improve your standing with the landlord as well. To do so you should:

  • Pick the right person. Not everybody loves the company. Pick wisely.
  • Have understanding. The same goes when you try to get along with your landlord, you have to understand their point of view.
  • Be kind when you can. A “good morning” and a smile can go a long way towards good relations.

To sum it up

When it is all summed up, to get along with your landlord you should really be honest. That is the best advice there is. Be responsible and be honest.

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