How to find reliable business storage solutions in NJ

With the housing market in the state that it is, it has become extremely cost-ineffective to build your own warehouse for the purposes of your business. Instead, many businesses choose to rent a storage solution, providing them with the answer to their problem, but with much lower overhead. However, to find reliable business storage solutions in NJ you will need to spend some time and effort. Or you can simply choose to go with a “tried-and-true” company, such as Gibraltar Van Lines. We can help you store your items in a safe, reliable, and trustworthy manner. But if you are in an area that we can’t service, you may want to know how to find similar companies. And that is what this article will teach you.

Find reliable business storage solutions in NJ in 3 steps

Finding a reliable storage option is all about investing time into research. Therefore, you will want to either delegate this to someone you trust or take care of it on your own. Be mindful, though, this can be a very lengthy process in its own right. The person who is in charge of finding the best storage option for your business should:

  1. Learn about different types of storage solutions
  2. Get referrals
  3. Read online reviews

Furthermore, if you are in the process of relocating your office, you might want to find a moving company that can “do it all”. This usually means that you will get a better deal on the whole relocation/storage package. If you are moving to Florida from NJ, for example, you will want to look into companies that operate in both states. They have the best chance of providing you with a reliable and efficient moving and storage experience. But for now, let’s take a deeper look into these steps and how you can make this process easier.

a line of white storage units
Storage solutions might all look the same but there is quite a variety.

Step one – Learning about your storage options

To find reliable business storage solutions in NJ, you first need to figure out what solution works best for you. Will it be a portable storage solution, a warehouse, or a simple self-storage facility? What you need to do is analyze the needs of your business, including future projections, and settle on the size and location where you need your storage unit to be. Take some time to contact various long distance movers NJ to FL and see what kind of options they can provide. Speaking with their professional staff will provide you with information that you can base your decisions on. After all, if you require a warehouse in a specific location and there isn’t one to be had, you will need to seek alternatives. And professional moving and storage companies are excellent at finding creative solutions.

To make the most out of this process, you may want to create a list of companies to call before you do anything else. And then go through them one by one. Make sure to write down all the relevant information, as well, as you can use it in your future inquiries. There are a lot of storage options that you can employ but finding the perfect one needs to be your first priority. Just remember that this process may take considerable time to complete. You never want to be in a situation where you need a storage unit “yesterday” and where you are forced to make suboptimal decisions.

person using a laptop
You will want to start by doing some research.

Step two – Get as many referrals as you can

Moving on, once you find out more about the available storage options, it is time to figure out which ones are reliable and which ones are not. To do this, you are going to need to get some referrals. What you can do is try and get a list of previous clients from a storage provider. Most of the time, they will be happy to share that with you. Then contact these companies and ask them about their experiences with the storage unit. Most office movers NJ can also provide you with some names, as well. What you want to do is get as many referrals, recommendations, and “live” experiences as you can. They will help you make the optimal decision.

But getting the referrals is just one piece of the process. Unless you talk to businesses in the same line of work, everyone requires something else from a storage unit. While you can get some good information from referrals, they should not be the only things that influence your decision. You will need to turn to the internet, as well.

person getting a referral as a way tp find reliable business storage solutions in NJ
Getting a referral is the best way to start looking for a reliable storage unit.

Step three to find reliable business storage solutions in NJ – Devote some time to reading online reviews and

With the knowledge of storage options and a couple of referrals in hand, it is time to hit the internet, so to speak. What you want to do is find as many customer reviews as possible. This may prove to be difficult, as there isn’t one site that hosts all the reviews that are out there. Feel free to start with the company’s website. But don’t expect to find much there. The truth of the matter is that almost no storage company will allow for extremely bad reviews on their web space. Therefore, you will need to visit other places in your search for reviews. Sites such as Yelp, Better Business Bureau, and similar, all have a review section where clients can leave their comments.

One thing to note about these reviews is that you can’t completely trust any of them. The reality of the internet is that there is no one that actually verifies the truth of what people post, most of the time. There are fake reviews, paid reviews, misleading reviews, all sorts of them. You need to know how to navigate this particular “sea”. Start by learning how to spot a fake review, first. This “skill” will serve you well in future endeavors, too. Once you get good at it, you will be able to figure out exactly which companies are reliable and which ones are not. But it does take time, as we previously stated. If you want to find reliable business storage solutions in NJ, you are going to need to acknowledge that fact.

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