How to file a complaint against movers

The moving process takes time and gives us a lot of stress and headaches. However, if you have professional local movers NJ on your side, the moving process will be a piece of cake! But, not every relocation process is fast or easy. Sometimes, unfortunately, movers are too late for delivery, they overcharged their services or lost and damaged our belongings. In this case, you will have to file a complaint against movers. So, let’s see what do you have to know in order to do so properly.

When should you file a complaint?

First of all, try to find a reliable and professional moving company. You should know that every relocation process costs a lot. If a mover offers a ridiculously low price, they are, most likely, trying to scam you. A professional mover such as Gibraltar Van Lines will calculate your moving cost in advance. However, you can also calculate your moving costs NJ on their official site. Now, let’s see what are the main reasons to file a complaint against movers:

  • Movers Were Late For Delivery
  • You’ve Been Overcharged
  • Movers Lost Or Damaged Your Belongings
Didn’t get your belongings delivered in time? It’s time to file a complaint against movers!

A step-by-step guide to filing a complaint against movers

If you are not satisfied with your mover’s services and you don’t know how to file a complaint against movers, we have prepared a few useful steps for you:

  • File the complaint
  • Write a moving review
  • Register it all with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)
  • Post it on the Better Bussines Bureau (BBB)
  • File it with the American Moving And Storage Association (AMSA)
  • You can seek resolution in a Small Claims Court as well!

The step to file a complaint against a mover

First of all, you should try to solve the problem that you have with your mover peacefully. Therefore, you should give them a call as soon as possible. It’s better, for both sides, to remain peaceful and calm. If you do so, both sides will save a lot of time, money and of course, nerves!

Therefore, when you decide to talk to your moving company, you should explain your case objectively and calmly. You should also try to provide as much evidence as possible.

In order for the complaint to become official, you will have to file a complaint against your mover in writing. If you are angry, aggressive or abusive you will just complicate things. Control the situation by being calm and polite. However, if you mover decides to just ignore you or pretend as nothing happened, it’s time to write a moving review!

First of all, file in a complaint against the moving company.

Write a moving company review

The most important thing is to visit your movers’ website and read their reviews before you decide whether you want to hire them or not!

A bad moving review is something that every moving company wants to avoid. As we know, everyone is using the internet nowadays. Every person who wants to hire a professional moving company will first check their site and their reviews online. So, if you want to reach an agreement with your mover, you should write a long consumer review about them and their services. You can express yourself and thoroughly explain your bad experience with that specific mover.

Do not ever underestimate the negotiating power of the moving reviews!

Register it all with FMSCA

If your mover doesn’t care about the moving reviews you have left on their site and ignoring the complaint you have filed against them, it is time to inform the U.S Department of Transportation about the case. If you decide to file a complaint against your mover with the U.S Department Of Transportation you should fill out the Household Goods Consumer Complaint Form or you can also give them a call.

Post it on the BBB

The next step is lodging a formal complaint about your mover with the Better Business Bureau. You can personally visit one of their offices if you are passing by or living close to it. You can, if you are lacking time, check their website and fill in the “moving company complaint page” there.

When you file in the complaint about the moving company with BBB, they will contact the mover in the next 48 hours. The moving company will, after that, have 14 days to respond to the pending claim. One of BBBs representative will inform you about the results of your complaint when everything is over. You should know that almost all claims filed against the moving companies with BBB will approximately be resolved within one month!

File it with AMSA

So, you have filed in complaints aginst moving company with FMCSA and BBS! Are you ready to go all the way in? The next step is to visit the AMSA website and submit a complaint about your moving company. Use the form on their website and submit a complaint with AMSA that regards the quality of relocation service, shipment delay or anything else.

There is also A Request For Arbitration Form on the AMSA website, which you should fill in case you had a dispute with your moving company regarding additional charges billed to you or damaged/lost items by the moving company after the moving process was over. You should also know that you won’t be charged if you fill in a complaint with the AMSA.

So, before you rush into the hands of a scammer, you should ask your family, friends, and neighbors for the moving company recommendations. Gibraltar Van Lines is an experienced and reliable moving company. Contact this professional mover today and have a pleasant and stressless relocation!

File a complaint against your mover with the AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association)

You can seek resolution in a Small Claims Court.

If all these steps above were insufficient to resolve the problem that you have with the moving company, or if you are simply not satisfied with the results of your formal complaints, it is the time to seek justice in the small claims court.

However, you should know that the legal fees of a small claims case can fast, and easily, become higher than the compensation that you would receive from the moving company. Therefore, if you are planning to file a complaint against movers in a small claims court, you should consider consulting with a legal professional in advance.

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