How to evaluate fine arts movers

Whether your art collection is something that you have inherited or spent your whole life collecting, we are sure that you are aware of both the monetary and the emotional value of fine art. So once you have to relocate that valuable collection that you own, you might find yourself worried as to what to do next. However, you don’t have to worry – there are many fine art movers NJ has to offer. But how do you evaluate fine arts movers and differentiate between reliable and less reliable ones?

You don’t have to be an expert in the matter to spot a few tell-tale signs of reliable movers. You just have to read our article and learn which traits to look for. With a bit of luck and the knowledge that you will acquire from us, finding the perfect movers Belleville NJ for your upcoming art relocation will be easy. So make sure you read carefully!

The easiest way to evaluate fine arts movers is by looking at their experience and reputation

It might sound like a cliche, but the fact is that reputable movers almost never disappoint. Reputable movers don’t necessarily have to have decades of experience, but they are characterized by experienced and specialized moving teams. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t attempt to move fine art with the help of movers who don’t specialize in this matter. Fine art relocation requires proper training and education – and that’s usually something reputable and experienced movers have in spades.

A handshake.
Reputable movers with years of experience are always a good choice.

Because we specialize in fine art relocation, we here at Gibraltar Van Lines know the level of care and attention these pieces require. But no matter how attentive you are, you still need training on the best techniques for moving and packing fine art. So if you are looking for a way to evaluate fine art movers, start by looking at their years of service, as well as their level of expertise.

To spot a professional company, you will have to pay attention to details

When trying to spot professional fine art movers, you don’t always have to pay attention to the main characteristics. Sometimes, it’s the small details that will provide the most information. For example, if you take a look at the official photos of your movers on their website, do you see a uniformed team where every individual is wearing gloves? When calling to ask for a free moving quote, do you feel like you are talking with a respectful dispatcher who knows what he/she is talking about?

If everything seems in order, then you have probably found movers that are worthy of your time. Companies who go the extra length in order to create a uniformed and professional look will usually be the right choice. That means they care about their reputation which depends on your level of satisfaction with their services.

Reliable pros always have access to modern moving equipment

When relocating fine art, it’s not enough to place them in crates or boxes, transport them from point A to point B, and call it a day. Fine art needs to be properly wrapped, and it needs to be packed with high-quality packing materials. Most importantly, it needs to be relocated inside well-maintained moving trucks. They will provide the best temporary shelter for your belongings. However, this is the type of knowledge that you won’t be able to gain just by browsing through the moving services your movers have to offer.

A meeting between two people to evaluate fine arts movers.
A half an hour meeting will be a great way to see whether a company is a right fit for you.

That’s why we suggest that you make an appointment with your potential movers. Sit down and feel free to ask any questions that you might have. How else are you supposed to evaluate fine arts movers unless you ask the right questions? The answer won’t just magically come to you. You will have to find it yourself!

Storage solutions are always a plus when evaluating fine arts movers

Moving and storage don’t necessarily have to go together – but they usually do. However, storing fine art is completely different from storing any other type of furniture. Due to its high monetary value, fine art has to be stored in such a way that guarantees its maximum protection and safety. The only way to achieve such security is by storing your items in climate-controlled storage units.

So if you do decide to store your furniture before or after your move, pay special attention to this feature. We don’t advise you to take any chances. Not even if you are storing your pieces for only a couple of weeks. It’s also important to mention that there are many different types of storage units – make sure that you choose the right one!

The best fine arts movers don’t have to come at steep prices

We have all heard how expensive moving is. It’s something we are prepared for much before our moves. That’s why it comes as no surprise that people think the best fine arts movers must come at steep prices. In reality, the best and most reputable companies are usually wary of customer satisfaction. And we all know that people are satisfied most when offered reliable services at affordable prices.

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The money you spend on fine arts movers will turn out to be a good investment.

If you are trying to evaluate fine arts movers in your area, just ask for a couple of moving quotes. When you get the quotes, you will be able to compare different prices. You will see which services are included in the price. Bear in mind that the general rule of thumb isn’t to opt for the cheapest moving company. The best thing you can do is find a company with the best quality to affordability ratio. Make your peace with the fact that you will have to pay for quality services. But you won’t have to break the bank.

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