How to dismantle and pack a bunk bed

There are mainly two reasons why someone ought to know how to dismantle and pack a bunk bed. The first option is one in which you are living with a roommate. Most likely, it is a college or young adult situation, in which having roommates is an entirely sensible way to keep the cost of living manageable. You probably need to move to another apartment, and the bunk bed (or at least part of it) is going with you. The second probable reason why you find yourself here is if you are preparing to pack your kid’s room. A bunk bed is usually an excellent option for children shared rooms, but they do get over them at some point, and you have to dismantle, pack them and send them off to a more useful place.

Well, whatever it may be, you are here, and we are here to help you! Therefore, read more to find out precisely what steps you have to take in the dismantling of your bunk bed.


To prepare is everything when you ought to pack a bunk bed, get it moving with moving boxes NJ services.  Now, ok, yes, preparing is always essential, but with bunk beds especially so. Why? Well, it is because they are a notoriously time-wasting piece of furniture to move or disassemble. The main problem with those beds is that a) – they are too unwieldy just to be carried in one piece and not get damaged, so they have to be disassembled, and b) They are a way too complicated to be disassembled fast or efficiently.

So, if you have to do it, take time. Be sure that you have the room cleared of otherwise unnecessary clutter and that you are, by no means, doing this on the actual day of the move. Don’t do this last minute. You will get overwhelmed.

So, except time, what else will you need for this little endeavor?


Wear appropriate clothes!

  • No exposed skin on legs and hands – you don’t want to scratch yourself while trying to disassemble and pack a bunk bed
  • Comfortable – be sure it’s not to tight. You want to be able to move freely. Crouch, lift your hands, maybe get it a little dirty. So nothing expensive and nothing too limiting your movements.
  • Steel protected shoes/boots – a lot of things can fall on your toes and cause an injury. Be sure to be protected while moving heavy furniture.


Get yourself a drill, screwdrivers and hex bit and keys. You don’t want to start only to figure out you are using the wrong type of tools so be sure to check all the screw heads first.


Ask for help from friends and family. They don’t necessarily have to do much – it just the fact that they are there. Not as moral support (although that too) but as a precaution. Bunk beds are definitely considered heavy furniture. You don’t want to have an accident and not have anyone to help or get some help. That is especially true if your footgear is not up to the highest standard. It can quickly happen that something gets dropped on your toes… be careful, and have a precaution.

If you don’t have anyone to help you at the moment, then Union County movers might be a better option to move you from your union county home and pack the heavy furniture too. They will definitely come with enough people to handle it.

How to dismantle and pack a bunk bed

So, now that you know to which storage NJ you want to move it with, one question remains… How to do it?

How to dismantle and pack a bunk bed
So how to dismantle the bed?

The answer is, of course, step – by – step. We will cover all of them one by one. First of, matress!


Remove the mattress from the frame. Then, use this opportunity to clean it thoroughly and then wrap it up. With mold and moisture being the biggest enemies of mattresses, plastic is preferable. After you have it done, be sure to carry it to the moving truck or another room. There is no reason why it should be packed with the bunk bed itself.


Remove the screws from the ladder side of the bad and be sure to take it off too. It is rather an easy part of the disassembly. Wrap it up in protective material, and you have it packed!


Remove screws with care! These little things are rather crucial for the structural integrity of the bunk bed. It can quickly happen that you take out the wrong one and the whole things disable itself a little bit violently.

Be sure not to lose any!

To avoid such a fate, it is best to take care when taking out those.

Taking apart

If you are having too much trouble, you can always use services of professional movers such as furniture movers NJ. However, if all is going fine, you should now take away safety railings, and then finally the whole one side of the bed. Be sure to also collect all of your screws into appropriate (plastic) bags for later reassembly.

Keep track for reassembly

Finally, when you moved the bed, you want to make sure that you can actually make it assembled and operational again. So, first and foremost, have all of your screws there. If you have some manual on the assembly of the bunk bed from the original packaging, do not be afraid to use that. There is no shame in consulting the instructions.

Keep track for reassembly
Take pictures during the process!

If you lack that, be sure to take pictures or notes of the disassembly. That way you can literary just go and see how you did it, and do it the other way around!

To sums things up!

The secret on how to dismantle and pack a bunk bed is simple. First of, you have to be prepared. Time, space, and help. Have the right tools. Meotdicly disassembly and carefully resemble.

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