How to Disassemble Furniture When Moving

The time has come for you to move yet again. Both the excitement and stress are elevated, which is quite normal once you think about it. During these moments, there is no time to be wasted. Not only do you have to find a reputable local or long distance mover, but you also have to pack up all of your furniture and get the items ready for transport. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! What are you supposed to do with your heavy and bulky items, such as your sofa or dresser? Transporting them in one piece is not impossible, but it is difficult. That’s why we always suggest you disassemble furniture when moving. You may not know how to do it, but we here at Gibraltar Van Lines are experts in it. Leave the task of showing you the right way to us!

First of all, decide whether moving an item is really worth it

Make no mistake – moving a massive piece of furniture no matter how much you disassemble it will be both complicated and expensive. The math is simple – the heavier the item, the more money you will have to pay for transporting it. Movers usually charge based on the weight of the item, so there’s no point explaining why leaving behind that old sofa might be in everyone’s best interest.

A blue table in front of a blue wall.
There is no point in transporting junk. You want only beautiful pieces for your amazing new home!

Put it this way – if transporting an item from point A to point B will cost more than replacing it with a new one, it’s high time for you to realize that you should say your goodbyes. Once you make the final choice of what your furniture movers NJ are supposed to move, it’s time you got down to business.

Disassemble furniture when moving by following the manual

There’s a very good reason all household appliances and large furniture pieces come with a manual. They were created precisely for these situations, which is why it’s always a good idea to hold on to them. Now, if you do manage to find a manual for disassembling a specific item – congratulations. You already have all you need. In case you realize you’ve misplaced the manuals, just stick to our guide. It should work wonders when disassembling all robust items.

You’ll need the right tools for disassembling your furniture

Tools to help you disassemble furniture when moving.
Be very careful about how you use the tools when trying to disassemble furniture for moving.

It most certainly makes sense. The first thing we feel should be mentioned is that you should never try to disassemble those pieces that are glued together. This is to be left for a professional, otherwise, you are risking plenty of damage. The tools you’ll need are:

  • A hammer
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wrenches
  • Ziplock bags

Although, be very careful about how you use these items. One wrong swing with a hammer can cause irreparable damage to your wooden furniture, and nobody wants that.

Start by removing all of the excess items

If you are about to disassemble a china cabinet or your dresser, it’s clear you can’t begin doing it until the contents are taken out. If you try to transport a cabinet without taking out all of the dishes, you are signing yourself up for a world of pain. Soon enough, all of your plates and dishes are bound to end up scattered on the floor. Once you remove all the items like clothes, dishes, and figurines, move on to the next step.

Remove all drawers

Drawers are usually very heavy, and they have a tendency to easily fall out. It will be much easier to relocate all the drawers one cabinet contains if they are outside of it. Once you decide you want to disassemble furniture when moving, safely pack up all of the drawers. Get everything ready for your NJ local moving company and they will certainly appreciate it.

Put the small pieces in ziplock bags right away

If you have ever disassembled any piece of furniture, you will be able to vouch just how many small pieces are needed to keep two pieces together. Yes, we are talking about all the screws that you will have to detach and reattach once you decide to put the piece back together. And you can imagine how such a small piece can easily get lost. Hey, even the finest moving company NJ to FL couldn’t keep track of such tiny objects. That’s why you should place them in ziplock bags. As soon as you do that, safely seal the bag, and put it in a safe place.

An array of tools.
You can’t afford to lose any pieces that keep your furniture together.

Always remember the disassembling process

And if your memory often fails you, write the entire process down. What’s the point of disassembling furniture when moving if you can’t reassemble it again? Pay special attention to every piece you decide to take apart and remember the steps that led to a disassembled item. You’ll have to repeat the process one more time but in reverse.

Wrap every part in protective packaging

Moving seems to be the perfect opportunity for plenty of things to go wrong. And one of the worst things that can happen during a move is losing or damaging some of your items. The real tragedy here is that it can be avoided. All you have to do is use loads of protective packaging materials, such as foam peanuts. So, as soon as you disassemble furniture when moving and have the parts in front of you, wrap them in safety materials. Remember – this is not the time when you should try to save money. Use a double layer of packing paper and similar materials, and you’ll soon be able to realize that the investment was quite worth it!

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