How to declutter your East Orange home before the move

A move is the best opportunity to declutter your East Orange home. It creates space in the new home and makes you feel good. Plus, you’ll have less to load into the moving truck. The following tips from Gibraltar Van Lines for decluttering your East Orange home will help you get the job done quickly and effectively.

Decluttering: this is how it’s done

The basic rule for the most stress-free decluttering possible is: don’t take on too much at once so that you don’t feel overwhelmed after a short time and abandon the whole action. It’s best to start systematically going through your belongings at least four weeks before the moving date.

Declutter your East Orange home
Whatever you haven’t used in a long time consider whether you really need it.

Set up a sorting system to declutter your East Orange home

When you start decluttering you need to decide where to put your junk. This is where a sorting system comes into play. The exact details of the system you want will depend on you. However, one popular method is to use 3 boxes or piles. Label them as:

  • Keep: Items you will definitely keep.
  • Sort out: Items you don’t need. These are items you will throw away, sell, or donate.
  • Storage: Items that you place in storage Montclair NJ, whether it’s an extra room or an external storage room.

Of course, you can customize this sorting system to suit your needs. For example, instead of a single pile, you can have multiple piles for throwing away, donating, or selling. You can even create a new pile for things you will keep but repair.

Be aware: They’re just things

Do you really need the jar full of shells from your last beach vacation, the T-shirt from your ex-boyfriend, or the pottery art from elementary school? All things you absolutely have to keep because there are memories attached to them? No. In the end, they’re all just things. But you have the memories in your head – and without all that stuff cluttering up your attic. Declutter your East Orange home so you can enjoy your new home.

Set a deadline to declutter your East Orange home

The worst part of decluttering is procrastinating. Instead of spending hours thinking about whether you might not fit into your favorite pair of jeans from 10 years ago, make quick, rational decisions. Doesn’t fit? Get rid of them! This is easier when the clock is ticking. Set a timer in your cell phone for when you want to be done with the closet. By the way, the same applies to things you want to sell: It may be that you paid a lot of money for the white platform shoes at the time. But if no one bids for them after the third time you put them up on eBay, they won’t sell even the fourth time.

Alarm clock lying on multicolored surface
Set yourself a deadline to declutter your East Orange home!

Moving into a new house will definitely be more pleasant if you get rid of all unnecessary things. Contact movers East Orange NJ after you declutter your East Orange home because they can help you with your move.

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