How to create an inventory for your storage

Are you moving to a new city or a new state, to a smaller home, or just decluttering? You need to know how to create an inventory for your storage even before you hire movers NY. Your storage space minimizes easily. So, knowing how to keep track of your favorite sweatshirt or artwork and prevent them from disappearing forever in the sea of boxes and clutter is the secret worth hearing. Read on to find out how to keep track of your stuff, otherwise, the clutter piles up in no time.

The secret to an organized space is simpler than you think – create an inventory for your storage

You need to find something fast or you want to avoid buying the same stuff again and again. The secret is the inventory. You know that feeling when you know you have something but you cannot locate it. A boring and tiring thing, isn’t it? And often repeated? Not anymore, create your inventory list.

create an inventory for you storage
Create and organize your storage space for an easy access

What is an inventory?

Simply put, an inventory is a list of things you possess. When you make an inventory for your storage unit, you control what you have and where it is. But how to create it?

  • Make handwritten list
  • Use technology

    An inventory check list
    Make access to your stuff easier – Create an inventory for your storage


Old school way

You can write a list of your storage inventory by hand and post it on the door or wall of your storage unit. Depending on what level of detail you need, you should complete your spreadsheet with serial numbers, purchase dates, and values. Store sales receipts, purchase contracts, and appraisals with your list. Making a note of replacement values for your stored items for insurance purposes is reasonable. Your inventory is the best place to record this information. Don’t worry about the quality, you can always go digital with your inventory list. But for protecting your artwork the best before making the list at your new home hire fine art movers NY.

 Use technology

A simple pencil and paper will do the trick, but technology can make creating a home inventory much simpler. After relocation with Movers Essex County NY you can get onto creating inventory for your storage using technology. Taking pictures comes in as a handy option. Make a photo record of your belongings. Capture individual items as well as entire rooms, closets, or drawers. Label your photos and put in the description of the items when saving the photo. Are you a fan of home videos? Make a video – walkthrough your house videotaping and describing the contents.

Using apps for inventory

There are a plethora of mobile app options that can help you create and store a room-by-room record of your belongings. Here are some best home inventory apps to keep track of what you own and store on your phone: Scan your boxes, Vidder,  Everspruce, Stock Control Inventory, Sortly, Housebook, and many more.  Or your storage company may offer one.

Creating an inventory is extra work and nobody likes extra work, especially when you are on the move. However, you should be meticulous and thorough in the process because hard work pays off. You’ll thank yourself later when you find what you need in a blink of an eye. So, don’t waste time, start with your strategy on how to create an inventory for your storage today.

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