How to convert your attic into living space

The hunt for extra square footage in your home never stops. Whether you want another bedroom or just extra living space, adding an extra room goes a long way. Some homeowners decide to build an extension to their home. Building a full extension can be difficult if you live in an apartment complex where houses are close together or if you are on a tight budget. There is no need to hire movers NJ and relocate because of extra space. You can find all the extra space you need on the floor plan of your current home. Read on to find out everything you need to know about how to convert your attic into a living space.

Before you convert your attic into living space, make sure it meets building codes

Before you start thinking about attic storage ideas and what your finished attic will look like, you need to understand building codes. Check with your local municipality about building codes in your area. A building inspector may come to inspect your attic to make sure it is up to standards. He or she will provide you with a list of required codes to follow.

Attic repair
Your attic room may not yet comply with the code. In this case, you must take into account the necessary changes during the repair.

Think about natural light

One of the tricky things about converting attic space to a living space is natural light. There are usually few windows in attics. Adding skylights can be costly and will take up wall space. It is better to install skylights. They allow both fresh air and a stream of natural light into space. It also makes installation easier. Skylights look amazing on slanted ceilings! You can even purchase solar-powered shades that can be controlled with a remote control to keep your attic at the ideal temperature. And if you are planning to set up your home office in the attic, natural light will be especially significant.

Opt for aerosol foam insulation

If you are creating a bedroom in an attic, you will have to think about insulation. The attic is often the hottest space during the hotter months. It can also be very cold in winter. The quality of the attic insulation determines how comfortable the finished attic will be. Traditional insulation is fiberglass. You may recognize this as the pink fluffy stuff you saw sticking out of the walls in basements.

But to make your attic space comfortable at any time of the year, you need the best possible insulation. This way you won’t waste a lot of money and energy on heating and cooling your finished attic. Although more expensive, foam insulation creates a tight air barrier in every tiny crevice. In addition, rodents and insects cannot chew food, which is a plus.

Adding a bathroom

Adding a bathroom to a finished attic is a brilliant idea if you know how to rock it. You can expect a 60% return on your investment if you sell your home and move with Hudson County movers in the future. If you already have pipes in the attic, putting a bathroom there is not difficult. If you don’t have running water yet, you might want to install one. This type of plumbing allows you to put a shower, toilet, and sink in places where there is no nearby drain.

Attic bathroom
It is impossible to convert your attic into living space without a bathroom

Final thoughts on turning your attic into a living space

Increasing your home space is easy when you convert your attic into living space. The finished attic can be used as a bedroom, living room, den, or playroom. Then, if you ever decide to list your property for sale and move with the state to state movers NJ, your home could be sold for a lot more because of the extra living space.

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