How to combine two households without stress

One of the reasons people move is to move in with someone. It can either be with a loved one or with a friend or roommate to share space with. In both of these cases, there is a need to combine two households, which can bring on a lot of stress. After all, moving just one person is stressful enough but moving two or joining one to the other can bring a whole other level of stress. That is why we decided to write an article on how to combine two households without stress. Enjoy!

Planning and coordination

Planning is very important when it comes to any kind of move. There are just so many things to keep in mind and think of. From deciding if you want to conduct the move yourself or hire a moving company, finding a moving company to hire, getting the moving supplies, to planning out the packing and the timeline of the move. However, when there is a need to combine two households the complications only mount. This introduces the need to coordinate either two people’s moves or the move of one party and the preparations for the moving-in for the other. So, the old tip that industry professionals like Union County movers might give you, of leaving six to eight weeks for moving preparations only becomes more true.

A planner on an ipad. When you decide to combine two households, planning becomes very important!
The importance of planning for a move is even more clear when moving in together.

With just one person moving in most of the move preparations will fall on them. This, however, doesn’t mean the other side has nothing to do. With the whole life of another person moving into their space, they need to prepare for the movers and the items coming in the home they will share. In the case of both parties moving to a new home, they not only have to coordinate their moves, but also decide on the space they will inhabit. All this means that there is a lot to keep in mind when deciding to combine two households. Therefore good planning is a must.

De-clutter to make combining two households easier

Depending on the age of people deciding to combine two households together, there may be a lot of duplicate items. Especially in the case of people that used to live alone, there will be a duplication of most of the everyday items. Things like towels, linen, packing cutlery and plates are something we all use and would bring with us to a relocation. However, when combining two households together, suddenly these may become redundant. It may be needless to bring them all along. You may even find yourself lacking the space for all of these duplicated items! In these cases spending money on packing supplies and time on packing them would be pointless.

Letters spelling "sale"
A good way to get rid of excess items and combine two households is decluttering and selling the duplicated items.

It may be much better to sort the best quality items and the ones that have an emotional value for either of you and get rid of the rest. This too will demand a level of coordination. Both parties that are combining their two households together should take a critical look at these items. Anything old or that won’t be used should be set aside. You can gift these items or donate them to charity. If you want to make some money back to cover the moving expenses you can also sell them. All this will leave you with only the items you will actually be needing or love, without cluttering your new home.

Decide how to arrange the space

Another thing you will need to consider when combining two households together is how you will arrange the shared living space. With the other person being added to your life, their daily habits and needs will suddenly come up. You will need to compromise even if they aren’t bringing any bulky items along.

However, as piano movers NJ may tell you, bringing a larger item, like a piano, will mean that the whole space where it will be kept will have to be arranged to accommodate it. Therefore, good coordination comes into play here as well. Take the time to visit the space you will be sharing, together. Be clear and upfront about your needs and habits. Then you can walk around the space and plan how everything will fit in.

A man looking at a floorplan on his computer
Make sure you plan the arrangement of the new space carefully.

This is especially important with one side moving in with the other, as they will have to adjust their living space to accommodate. It will also give you a good idea about what can actually fit. Ideally, you will both be able to fit everything in. However, if you can’t it’s better to know before the move and de-clutter according to that. This will save you from packing and paying for moving the items that you will in the end just have to let go of.

Keep your calm

As you could see above, when you combine two households, you need to arm yourself with patience. The needs of both people need to have an equal value to make sure both are happy with combining their lives together. Also, depending on the size of the space you will probably need to compromise, even if by just a bit. Add to these circumstances the stress from the move and you have a recipe for a fight to break out.

That is why it’s very important to keep your calm when you decide to combine two households together. Keep the reason behind your decision in mind and keep your eyes on the future. The moving stress will soon be over and you will be starting your new life together. So, before any fights break out, take a deep breath and consider what is really on the line here.

How to combine two households with ease

To combine two households will take time and effort. At times it will be stressful and complicated. However, if done right you will be able to avoid most of the stress and have it go easily. We feel that after reading this article you are ready for just that. So go and seize the day!

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