How to calculate your moving costs

It is almost unnecessary to point out just how expensive relocations can get. It is only natural. They are a rather complicated process that demands manpower, knowledge, skill and logistical capacity. And all of those things comprise your moving costs NJ… so how do you deal with them? How should you calculate your moving costs?

Knowing the vocabulary before you calculate your moving costs

Before moving on, we should point out that the best way to calculate your moving costs accurately is to know exactly what movers are saying. So, here is a quick rundown of the most important expressions in the industry that movers such as movers Fairfield NJ might use. First and foremost there are the moving quotes.

Knowing the vocabulary before you calculate your moving costs
Let’s get some common moving phrases out of the way first

They are non-binding estimates that the mover gives you. However, it is limited by the 110%rule, meaning the final price will not be more than 110% of the original. And, as for the costs, be sure to check the prices of agents, the middleman of the industry, and if anything has been damaged before returning the Bill of lading, or a receipt and a contract at the same time that you hold on to during the move.

What are the variables that affect the final price and how to lower it

The main variables you can control are additional services. Those are services like those provided by piano and fine art movers NJ.

How to lower the cost
Is there a way to lower the cost? Yes, there is!

To save money here, be sure to do it yourself. However, be advised. Without professional assistance, you might just damage your possessions, leading to a net loss compared to using the service.

Pick a good moving company

Finally, the best way to save your money is to have a good and respectable moving company. They will do the best possible service in the shortest span of time possible. So how do you get one? Well, here are some pointers:

  • First and foremost, you can always calculate your moving costs accurately with a good moving company. What we mean by this is that a good moving company will always provide you with free estimates and other help! If you find a company that does not, don’t worry. There are a lot of moving companies that will be happy to do it!
  • Secondly, find a well-reviewed company. Relocation experts with good experience are bound to provide good service. Practice makes perfect! And, of course, do not forget to write a review yourself! Be it Google, Facebook, Yelp or something totally else, everything counts!
  • Finally, be sure that they have a valid license and good contracts. You don’t need a regret that comes after singing a blank contract (or none what so ever)!


When trying to calculate your moving costs, the most important thing to avoid is wishful thinking. No matter how much you plan everything out, one thing we can guarantee. Your plan will not replicate reality. Something will happen. And more often than not, surprises do not bear a positive impact on one’s wallet. That is why every budget needs a little bit of breathing space. It will account for the unaccountable, making sure that any nasty surprises do not ruin the whole thing.

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