How to avoid surprise charges when moving a business to Florida

When we are talking about full-service relocation of a business, we can’t avoid big numbers. Let’s be honest, it can cost quite a lot. However, smooth and stress-free relocation is priceless and it’s worth every penny. But just the same, let’s not take it too lightly and try to avoid surprise charges when moving a business to Florida. Choosing affordable movers might sound like a good idea, but it can turn against you. Some unpredicted costs may pop up, which you don’t want. With the help of one of the finest movers NJ, you can be sure your budget rate will not be crossed. First, you’ll get a free sliding estimate online based on some questions about your inventory. But then, you can demand a visit from a company member, and you’ll get an estimate onsite and in person. 

How to get a proper estimate and avoid surprise charges when moving a business to Florida?

We’ll teach you how to avoid surprise charges when moving a business to Florida. A proper estimate depends on several factors and the business policy of the moving company. You know you made a good choice and picked a professional company if you get a binding-not-to-exceed-estimate. That means even if your shipment exceeds the original estimate, you’re not going to pay more. Other than that, you can choose between a binding estimate and a non-binding estimate. But let’s be transparent and see what factors affect the total cost of moving. Office movers NJ will explain how they calculate the cost of relocation. You just need to call them and you’ll get a sliding estimate. 

Use your calculator to calculate and avoid surprise charges when moving a business to Florida.
Try to calculate a precise estimate of your business relocation.

What affects the total costs of your office relocation?

Mileage is a big factor in creating the moving estimate. Therefore, local relocation is logically cheaper than the long-distance move. Not to mention interstate relocations, which may require even overseas shipping. Sometimes, when the timing is an issue, you might even need two vendors to get things done on time. Be sure that long distance movers NJ will correctly evaluate your relocation. The average cost of a long-distance move goes up to 4900$ for 1000 miles distance. This depends on the following factors. 

  • The first factor is the size of your move. If you have a lot of office items, you might want to think about downsizing. The bigger the inventory, the longer is going to take, and the heavier shipment is going to be. And that means more expensive relocation.
  • Travel fees are the next reason why your move can cost more. That includes wages for crew members and fuel costs. This especially refers to long-distance relocations.
  • Another crucial factor is the timing of your move. Spring and summer are the peaks of the moving season. The demand goes higher during this time of the year as well as the moving costs. It would be much cheaper if you can postpone your relocation until the fall. 
  • When moving an office, you might want to use high-quality moving supplies. All your gear and office equipment must be properly protected, but it’ll cost you more. 
  • Moving insurance and liability and valuation coverage can be also pricey factors. Even more so if you want an additional policy from a third party. 
  • Besides these enlisted, other moving add-ons will increase the costs. That implies things like taking apart your furniture, moving specialty items, etc. 

What are the hidden costs that can surprise you in the end?

Sometimes, relocations require some unpredicted steps and services. Your movers will take necessary measures but they’ll charge you for it. So when moving to Florida from NJ, pay attention to the following things. Movers can charge you for extra pick-up or delivery stops. Next, delayed delivery fees can be added to the final account. As for the fees, there are long carry fee, stairs fee, elevator fee, storage, unpacking, etc. Don’t forget about furniture pads, stretch wrap, and mattress bags. If everything goes well, you might want to tip your movers. This way you can avoid surprise charges when moving a business to Florida.

However, it’s always best to make a list of all possible costs before the move. Or you can use an online moving estimator to calculate your costs. It’ll give you a raw estimate, but with everything enlisted above, you’ll be able to predict the total cost of your move.

Close up of a piled pennies.
Calculate your costs and avoid surprise charges when moving a business to Florida.

How to cut your moving costs and avoid surprise charges when moving a business to Florida?

It’s totally legit to ask yourself this question. Office relocation is a huge and costly project, so think through how to cut your expenses. We have already mentioned the timing of your office move. Moving in fall or winter can notably reduce your expenses. Also, downsizing is a good way to save some money. Try to make a good schedule for your move, to avoid renting a storage unit. You will be charged monthly for the storage service. Another way to lower the costs is to gather moving supplies. Although many moving companies provide free packing boxes for their customers. And finally, if time allows, do the packing on your own. Also, disassemble your furniture before movers arrive, and do loading and unloading yourself. All of this can significantly affect your finances, in a good way. 

Two hands shaking in front of the book shelf.
Always select a reliable and professional moving company.

Ask the right questions

Do your research on time and prepare for any scenario. Sometimes, despite the best organization, obstacles may occur. Be ready and set aside some money, just in case. When you meet your movers ask them about all the doubts you might have. Make a detailed list of your expectations and demands. If you have any special requests, be clear and ask for a precise cost. You can ask them also to send a crew member to make an estimate on-site and in person. That’s a great opportunity to get all the information you might need. Insist on the written estimate, and then you can relax. You’ll avoid surprise charges when moving a business to Florida with all the gathered info.

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