How to avoid moving scams

Moving scams can occur in different ways, and depending on how they arrive, it is everyone’s nightmare. There are various types of fraud. Imagine that you transfer all of your property to a moving company only so that your things become hostages until you pay an extra fee compared to an agreement with them. Or a moving company is deceiving you through liability coverage in accordance with what is provided by law. Well, we will show you how to avoid that.

Moving scams
In this post, we will discuss tips to help you avoid fraud

Finding the right moving company NJ to cope with your move can sometimes be challenging. Especially given the many unskilled and unlicensed movers who have found their way into the industry. That has greatly affected the industry, and something must be done to save the situation. Studies have shown that many of these scams come from frauds seeking to take advantage of innocent consumers who lack in-depth knowledge of how moving works.

Fraud can be a terrible situation that costs you extra stress, time, and money. We do not like to see that someone gets scammed. Therefore, we have come up with several ways to avoid moving scams.

Here are 7 tips to avoid moving scams

Waiver of fraud is largely dependent on you as a consumer. The fact is that if you do not work with these fraudulent moving companies, they cannot force you. Proper planning and research before the move is the answer. In your study, you will find the right mover and will know what should be contained in every legal contract for relocation. Below are some useful tips to avoid as many scammers as possible:

1. Find a reputable moving company

The first step to avoid moving scams is to select a reputable Florida mover with proven results from successful deliveries. Such a moving company has a reputation for defending. Therefore, you are guaranteed fair treatment and quality service in the delivery. The respected mover will not get its hands dirty with any moving scams for fear of losing the reputation and trust they have built over the years. Most respected moving companies are covered by insurance coverage and may have taken successful moves to refer.

2. Avoid booking a mover at the eleventh hour

Under normal circumstances, every respected mover is expected to be busy in most cases, and last-minute booking may be difficult. Most respected moving companies usually recommend that consumers request quotes for at least a month or more, especially in summer or spring, which are their peak months. You may become a victim of fraudsters who understand how to take advantage of desperate consumers who have not planned or been distracted from the stresses associated with relocation. The solution here is planning, planning, and planning.

3. Be suspicious of low rates and ambiguous contracts

Fraudsters usually offer low prices (especially by phone) to lure consumers to their side so they can fool them. When you call them for the first time, they will give you very low quotes with a dubious contract offer. But then they will raise the final price withs some hidden costs of moving on a moving day or before delivery. Therefore, they hold your belongings hostage and begin to bargain for a special price. If the final transaction with them does not work, they can disappear with your possession forever, especially if the client threatens them with legal actions.

Calculator and paper
A reputable mover will offer a free relocation quote with a clear and detailed written contract adapted to your relocation needs

4. Get recommendations from friends and previous consumers

A reliable moving company will not seek to generate positive reviews and ratings from satisfied customers. And they must be bold enough to give out contact details of their past customers. If the mover avoids this request, you should immediately abandon any negotiations with them in order not to become a victim of moving scams. You can also get some information about their work on their website or on social networks. Friends and family members are also another reliable way to get recommendations for reputable movers.

5. Investigate complaints filed against them

That is another way to get useful information about movers. You can check these complaints filed against any carrier with the Better Business Bureau, the American Transportation and Storage Association, and the Federal Vehicle Safety Authority. It is reasonable that a respected moving company has several complaints, because consumers are not the same, and some people may be dissatisfied. Make sure you check the nature of the allegations to make your conclusion.

6. Beware of moving companies that require full advance payment

Any moving company requiring full prepayment should be avoided. A reputable mover will only require partial payment as a means to initiate a contract. The mover, insisting on full payment for a service that has never been provided, is a bright red sign of moving scams. While most of these moving companies encourage you to give full payment, there is a possibility that these movers may not even exist. Or they may not appear as promised or disappear with your belongings after loading. That is not something you hope for.

7. Use a credit card instead of cash

If the moving company requests a partial prepayment at all, make sure you use a credit card instead of cash. That is for security in the event of a problem. But if the mover only insists on money, just look for another moving company since this is a sign of moving fraud.

Credit cards and money
You should be able to choose your payment method


Fraud exists in every industry. Moving scammers have been living with us for more than a decade, and people are now sensitive to detect them when they appear. By hiring a long-distance moving company NJ, you systematically invite strangers into the house. Therefore, you must be especially careful that you do not become a victim of moving scams. Fortunately, there are many respected and trustworthy moving companies from which to choose. Just follow all of our tips, and you are guaranteed a successful move.

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