How to avoid issues when relocating employees

An office relocation can be a positive change, one that brings about financial benefits as well as more space. However, while you as the employer might only see the good sides, your employees may not feel the same way. Some of them might be reluctant to move, due to both professional and personal reasons. Since this can be a troublesome time, you need to do whatever you can to avoid issues when relocating employees. Luckily, there are some simple but effective ways to do this, so make sure to follow our advice.

Encourage open conversation to avoid issues when relocating employees

Before you start searching for moving companies Caldwell NJ to help you organize the relocation, you have to talk to your employees. Ideally, you should give them at least 4-6 months notice prior to the move. If you are moving your business to another country, having enough time is paramount. There will be paperwork and documentation that needs to be filed in order for them to obtain their visas and work permits.

A staff talking and finding out how to avoid issues when relocating employees
Notify your employees of the move well in advance.

Even if you find that some of your employees are reluctant to move, make sure that you disclose all of the necessary information. Instead of embellishing the position and the new location, be honest. They will eventually realize the truth anyway, so try to be upfront about every aspect of the job. If they have any questions or concerns, let them know that they can ask turn to you for answers.

Be clear about the policies you have in place

Many problems when moving your staff come up as a result of unclear policies. That is why you need to determine exactly what they are and plainly explain them to everyone. If your company will reimburse its employees for the cost of relocation, make sure that they are aware of it. Not only will this help you avoid issues when relocating employees, but it will also save you time by not having to answer the same questions dozens of times. It will also help you reduce stress when moving your office, as everyone will be clear on what they can expect.

Help them adjust to the new location

Moving your company is not just about finding the perfect office space, especially if you are moving to another country. Your employees might experience culture shock, which can, in turn, hinder their productivity. To prevent this, you should familiarize your staff with your new office location. Prepare a presentation about the country or city with some general information. Some of your employees might be moving with their spouses or families, so inform them about the school system, job opportunities, cost of living, etc. Encourage them to do some research on their own as well and find their individual points of interest.

Man holding a presentation
Put together a short presentation about your new destination.

If you are relocating within the country, you won’t need to worry about culture shock. Moreover, this will give you the chance to actually show the area to your employees. Try to organize a trip or a weekend at the new location and show them the office space. This will also help them get the feel of the area and decide whether they actually want to move there or not.

Avoid issues when relocating employees by finding professional movers

Having a reliable moving partner can prevent many problems that may arise during relocation. Just like you would hire expert office movers NJ to handle your commercial move, so do your employees need to find trustworthy household movers. However, this is not such a simple task. There are many fraudulent moving companies out there that will scam their customers. Instead of making your employees take this task upon themselves, you should help them find skilled relocation specialists.

Being able to relocate without hassle and lost time and money will help your employees avoid stress during this time. If they have to do all the packing, transporting, and unpacking themselves, it might make them less motivated to relocate. With professional packing services and other tasks such as vehicle transportation handled by professionals, they won’t have to worry about any damage or issues during the relocation.

Offer to pay for temporary housing

Finding housing remotely can be problematic, even if your employees are only moving to another city. Since they won’t be able to actually inspect and view the property in person, you can help them by referring them to a local real estate agent. Another issue that might come up, especially if you are moving on short notice, is that they are not able to move into the house or apartment right away. In this case, they will need to arrange for temporary housing, either in a hotel or in a rented home.

Some of your employees might not be too thrilled about the fact that they have to pay for temporary housing as well. Especially if they have already spent a large amount of money on the move itself. To minimize their discomfort, you should offer to pay for the cost of the hotel or rental, either entirely or only for a part of it. This will cushion the blow and, more than likely, be appreciated by your staff.

Two women talking and sitting at a desk
Offering to pay for temporary housing will make your employees more likely to want to move.

Use technology to your advantage

All of the tips we have outlined above are guaranteed to make the move easier on your employees. However, by using technology to your advantage, you will avoid issues when relocating employees simply by not relocating them at all. If your staff mostly works from their computers or by using the phone, you can arrange for them to work remotely, that is, from home. That way, you won’t have to ask them to uproot their lives and you will save money that you would have spent on relocating them. Many online platforms like Slack are ideal for this type of work. Just make sure that your team will stick to the routine they had while working in an office.

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