How much should you tip your movers

Whatever you think about giving tips, you should tip your movers after moving. However, deeming necessarily most of the people will skip this when co-operating with long-distance movers NJ.  Since moving companies already pay their workers, giving extra money after moving looks like awarding for something that they have already got a salary. On the other hand, you can show gratitude and say “thanks” for the excellent job you have done with a small amount of money.

  • The most important when cooperating with moving company is saying that you are satisfied with the job they have done and the easiest way is to tip movers after moving;
  • In most cases, your workers have worked jobs that are not on the list of their jobs, like staying overtime or packing your antiques so you should give him an award for that;
  • One of the cases when you surely must tip your movers is when they have a heavy load to carry in moving boxes NJ;
  • Some workers have specialized specific types of jobs and packing, and you should appreciate their effort;
  • Do not forget to award their professionality and knowledge, even when you have had just a few boxes and have moved on a short distance.

People who worked with moving companies claim that they have used on tips. So, do not be different. However, there is a requesting that most people consider giving tips as a great way to feel better after the job is finished. After all, you will make some person and the family happier that day.

A woman worker
Do not forget that movers work very hard for you and deserve an award

When to tip your movers?

People will love to tip movers, but they are not sure when it appropriate to do it. For most of them, giving tips is something that you do after the job, and they are right. After all, tipping shows that you are grateful for their effort. However, you must be careful and do not delay that so much. Otherwise, you can miss the opportunity to give the award for their job.

Do not wait for the last moment to give a tip

You may think that you do not need to provide tips before workers finish their jobs. However, you can offer them something in advance to say that you expect their effort to do the job on time. Also, you should prepare money in the pocket, so when moving starts, you can wait for an excellent opportunity for giving a tip.

You can easily add something later when they finish the job

That will be charming, giving another tip after the job. It will also pleasantly surprise your workers since they have not expected another tip. However, make sure that you have not just an ATM that provides cash from time to time. Wait for good moments, like after they have provided special services and award them.

Do not give money to one person

People, being shy or insecure, give tips to foreman, expecting that he will share the wealth with the rest of the team. That is not always a good solution. In that case, other workers could be even disappointed since you have not given them money. If you have decided to tip your movers, do it professionally and respecting every person in the team.

How much to tip your movers?

That is another question that newbies in giving tips ask. Luckily, there is a simple formula that makes this job more manageable. Believe you or not, you can easily calculate how much to tip your movers, considering the job and money that you have paid for it. Remember, do not be too generous, or you will make your workers embarrassed. Also, do not be cheap, so giving tips lose sense.

A storage
Your movers surely expect gratitude from you

There is a simple formula for calculating how much to tip

In most cases, the acceptable sum for tipping is 5-20% of the price. In case you feel that sum is too high, or you have used a lot of services, like storage units Montclair NJ the amount should be lower. You can simply pay $5 per worker and satisfy both sides. If you have used special services or works have had to make an additional effort for your moving, the sum could be higher. However, do not go over $6-$8 per worker.

Do not pay too much your workers

Associations that support and protect workers claim that you should not pay too much your workers. You always can show your gratitude differently. Also, you should care about their pride and do not humiliating them. Remember, they already have a salary. You should only show that you are thankful for their effort.

Sometimes you do not need to give money

There are ways to say “thank you” without money. You do not need to prepare small sums of money for tipping. Your workers will be happy if you simply provide them refreshment or lunch. Also, you can preserve them little help along with cash so that they will work better, and both sides will be satisfied.

Workers will be satisfied with drink or food

The simplest way to tip your movers is to give them refreshment from time to time. It could be juice, coffee, tea. Do not provide or offer them alcohol in any circumstances. They could have serious troubles with their associations because of that. Also, you can bring them pizza after a long day and show your respect.

Workers at work that proves that you always should tip your movers
You should not always give money to your movers

Provide them a room to relax

Everybody needs time to take a pause and relax. It is especially worth for jobs that take longer or with heavy tasks. If you prepare for moving, leave a room for relaxing. It should have a bed or a chair, but also refreshment and place for having a break.

The good way to tip your movers is to praise them

Even though giving tips is so satisfying, you can award your movers in different ways. The best way is to say a word to the boss after moving. You can also give a good review on sites and forums. Whatever of these ways, you choose do not forget that they are also people who need attention and care.

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