Helping your movers – should you do it?

Moving is difficult. You need all the help you can possibly get – that’s why you hire New Jersey movers for your relocation. But now it’s all on them and that’s not really fair either is it? So you decide to do something about it. Helping your movers seems like a good idea, after all. But while the intent behind it is noble, your attempt at assistance can easily end up having the opposite effect from what you want. If you try too hard or do something wrong, you can easily just find yourself in the way. So should you let professionals handle everything? Or are there ways for you to help without hindering their work?

The pros of helping your movers

The question on everyone’s mind when moving is usually about the pros and cons of hiring movers at all. But once you’ve weighed your options and decided that movers Bloomfield NJ are indeed the right choice for you, you may find yourself wondering where to go from there. What are you to do while your movers handle the relocation? Helping your movers seems like the obvious choice. More hands mean the work gets done faster and the heavy lifting is easier. Consequently, your relocation is safer, easier, and more efficient. So lending a helping hand can be the right move.

Wall clock.
If you help your movers, you might be able to save some time.

The cons of helping your movers

The reason you’re paying for moving services NJ is that you want your relocation performed by professionals. And professional movers know what they’re doing. They have their own equipment, their own procedures, and usually work in a team that has a lot of experience together and does things a certain way. If you get involved, you might just end up stepping on their toes. After all, you certainly can’t match the expertise of professionals. And if you get in the way, you could actually end up slowing the whole process down.

How to best help your movers without getting in the way

Making your relocation go faster and smoother sounds good, doesn’t it? But getting in the way of professionals who know what they’re doing doesn’t. So it’s important to know how to help your movers properly. They usually don’t need you doing their job for them. What they need is for you to allow them to do their job as efficiently as possible.

Finish packing before movers arrive

Unless you’re paying your residential movers NJ for packing services, you’ll need to handle this part yourself. Packing usually takes quite a bit of time and it’s easy to underestimate how long you’ll need for this. If you really want to help your movers, however, you’ll make sure to finish before they arrive. So declutter, pack, separate the boxes that your movers shouldn’t load on the truck (such as your overnight box and boxes of non-allowable items like food and hazardous materials), take things off the walls, prepare large appliances for moving and clean what you can. This is something you can easily do yourself. But to your movers, it will be of great help.

Boxes ready for helping your movers move.
Have your stuff boxed and ready to go.

Make sure the driveway is clear

Carrying heavy boxes and bulky furniture is not easy at the best of times. When you keep tripping over things that are in your way or need to go around an inconveniently placed obstacle, it’s much more difficult. So make sure that the movers can park their truck or van as close to your house as possible and that the way between the house and the vehicle is clear by parking somewhere else yourself and clearing out any deck or garden furniture and decorations.

Provide them with a floor plan

In a similar vein, you want to inform your movers of what they can expect inside your home in advance. So pull up the house plans or draw a loose floor plan yourself. Remember to mark any stairs, doors, and tight corners that might be difficult to navigate. This will allow your movers to plan the best, fastest, and safest way to relocate you.

Keep kids and pets out of the way

It’s not just you that might get in the way of movers. In fact, you’re probably the least likely to make this more difficult. If you have children or pets, however, things can get much more complicated much faster. Children and animals often don’t understand that they’re doing something wrong or just how wrong it can be. But can you imagine your toddler running out in front of a couple of movers carrying a sofa downstairs? Nobody wants that to happen! So try helping your movers by making sure to distract your kids, have someone watch them or take them out of the house while movers are there. If you have pets, make sure they’re either not in the house at all or confine them to a single room.

Make sure your pets are not in the way.

Be there to offer support and treat them with refreshments

While you shouldn’t try to insert yourself into the movers’ work and insist on giving them unsolicited advice, you should be present during the move. This is good for your own peace of mind as it will allow you to supervise what is happening to your belongings. But it’s also good for your movers in case they have any questions or uncertainties. And you can also treat them to some refreshments like snacks or ice tea while they work – this is a great and easy way to show your appreciation for their work!

The verdict: helping your movers – yes or no?

Ultimately, helping your movers is not a bad idea. But it’s important to know how to help. The kind of assistance your movers need from you is probably not the kind of assistance you’re thinking of. Movers don’t expect you to lift heavy boxes or carry furniture with them – this is what they do. Instead, you should make the process easier by preparing yourself, your family, and your home as well as knowing how to get out of the way when necessary.

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