Guidelines for storing summer clothes

Who doesn’t like summer? The nice weather, light clothes and so many opportunities for a dip! Summer is truly an amazing season. However, as with so many good things in life, summer eventually comes to an end. However, unlike many other good things, it is sure to come back next year. This cycle creates a specific problem. The problem with storing summer clothes. As you wait for the season change, you will want your summer clothes to remain in top condition for the next year’s summer. To help you with exactly that, we’ve compiled a guide on storing summer clothes. Let’s dive right into it.

Consider this before storing summer clothes

Before we jump into the topic of this article we must first consider a few things about storing summer clothes. You will want to get the necessary supplies to properly do it. It would be best to get these well before storing summer clothes for the year. Depending on where you will be storing your summer clothes this can be:

  • Plastic containers
  • Boxes
  • Hangers
  • Clothing or vacuum bags
  • Mothballs

Out of all the items in the list, mothballs will be the one that you will need no matter where you intend on storing your clothes. Just like when you need to pack your wardrobe for a relocation, you will want to have your clothes protected from pests. While relocation may take a few weeks, the next summer won’t be exactly around the corner, so pest protection is a high priority! Another thing that will be important is what kind of container you will want to use to store your summer clothes. This will depend on where you will be storing your clothes, so let’s explore that next.

Ideal places for storing wardrobe

A pile of folded clothes.
Before storing summer clothes, decide on where you will be storing them as that will impact what supplies you will need.

There are a few places you could consider storing summer clothes in. The first and most obvious one is your wardrobe. Having house climate will mean less chance of damage to your summer clothes. They will also be on hand for the next summer. In this case, storing your summer clothes can be done in just about any kind of container. Boxes, clothes bags, and plastic containers will all do the trick here. You just need to protect your clothes from the dust anyway.

However, when it comes to vacuum bags, you should be careful. Clothing industry professionals might warn you that vacuum or compression bags can damage your clothes. Especially during long-term storage.

On the other hand, you may not have enough space in your home to store summer clothes. In that case, using a storage service like storage Montclair NJ might be ideal. However, storage spaces can have fluctuating climate conditions. They can also be targeted by pests. both of these can be a danger for your summer clothes.

Therefore, in the case of storage units, the best items for storing summer clothes will be plastic containers with a sealable lid. These are great in keeping the pests and moisture away from your clothes! Just pop a mothball in there, seal the lid and you will be ready to go. Precisely because of the excellent protection they provide, plastic containers have taken over the moving industry. And if the professionals use it, you know that it’s a great tool!

How to prepare your summer clothes for storing

Clothes in a drawer
Categorize your clothes while storing them to have easier access later on.

Now that we know what are the best places to store summer clothing and what we will need to do that, we need to explore how to do it. At first glance, this may seem like a simple task. Just fold them nicely and pack them up, right? Well, not exactly. Of course, just randomly storing your summer clothes can work.

However, having a system will pay off next year. This is something we discovered when moving to FL from NJ. So, what do you need to do here? First of all, start by taking all of your summer clothes out on a surface like a table or your bed. Then, start categorizing.

As we all know the summer comes gradually, so you will have different clothes for when the summer starts and ends, and peak-season summer. You should follow that order and pack summer clothes together, packing the clothes for the start of the summer on top. That way when the next summer comes, you can easily access the clothes you will need first, proceeding to the lighter items for peak season. This applies to minimalists that enjoy tiny living as well! No matter how much or little summer clothes you have, the same system will help out when the next summer comes!


While we are on the topic of tiny living, it would be impossible not to mention de-cluttering. When storing summer clothes and going through the steps below be rational and set aside items that you probably won’t be using anymore. Storing them will only be a waste of your time after all. Instead what you could do is donate them. Not only will this make storing the clothes faster and easier, but it will also leave you feeling great! You will be doing a good deed while keeping your summer wardrobe organized.

Clothes on hangers
De-clutter your wardrobe to get rid of the excess clothes and leave space for shopping for more!

Storing summer clothes easily

Looking back at these guidelines for storing summer clothes you probably understand why we said it was a nuanced endeavor. While at first glance storing summer clothes may have seemed simple, the steps we mentioned should have been sufficient to help you do it easily and like a pro. This way, when the next summer comes, you will be ready to whip out your summer clothes and head on out into the sun. Trust us when we say that that will be one of the best feelings ever!

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