Guide to organizing your storage unit

Renting out storage can be an excellent solution when moving, remodeling or just needing some more space. When you’re using it short-term, there’s not really too much to worry about. The biggest concern you’ll have is finding the right unit to rent from the right New Jersey movers. However, storage is, for many, a long-term thing. And when you’re storing things long-term, finding the right space is only part of the challenge. You will also need to know how to prepare your belongings for storage, pack them properly and protect them from damage. Finally, you will need to think about organizing your storage unit. Things aren’t as simple as just shoving everything you own into some new space without a plan. Instead, you’ll need to actually learn the best way to organize for your particular purpose.

Organizing your storage unit: general tips

When you’re planning for how to put things in storage, it’s important to think about what exactly you plan on doing with them once they are in storage. If you’re just looking for somewhere to keep your stuff while movers Roseland NJ are helping you relocate, it may not be as crucial to keep them organized as it is when you’re planning on using the stuff you keep in storage for months on end. But whatever your plans, there are some general things you should stick to.

Laptop, tablet and notepad.
There’s no need to go overboard, but some organization is in order.

Use boxes of the same or similar size

Odds are that you will have to stack boxes on top of other boxes when putting them in storage. This is easiest if all your boxes are at least approximately the same size. That way you won’t have to worry about something overbalancing and falling while you’re away. If you’re not sure which size box to use, go for medium to large. It’s easier to stuff a box full of shredded paper or leave it empty than put big things in a small box.

Label everything properly

Whenever you’re packing, whether it’s for a move or for storage, labeling your boxes is essential. You’ll never remember what’s in which box! So don’t try – write things down instead. Whether you want to color-code, categorize by room or write a whole list on the side of the box, make sure you use a system you’ll recognize later on.

Create an inventory list

Pretty much whenever you’re using any moving services NJ, you’ll need to do an inventory. Not only are inventory lists useful for you to know what you’re moving or storing, but they can also help your movers give you the best advice on how to do it properly and accurately gauge how much their services are going to cost. So do your inventory in writing for everyone’s sake!

Organizing your storage unit when you need frequent access to your belongings

If you’re planning on using the things you’re storing, you’ll need to be able to easily access what you need. That requires some extra planning on top of following the general rules.

Go a size up

When choosing a New Jersey storage unit, getting the right size is usually the trickiest part. You want to have enough space for everything you need to keep in there. But you also don’t want to be paying for a lot of space that you’re not using. When you need to organize your storage unit for frequent access, however, going a size up from what you actually need is not necessarily a bad idea. With extra space, you can create little piles and pathways that will allow you to access everything in the space much easier.

Measuring tape used when organizing your storage unit.
Size matters when you need storage.

Plan a layout when organizing your storage unit

You don’t necessarily need to build a whole new house inside your storage unit. But it’s useful to have a certain plan. Arrange your boxes according to how similar their content is, which room they came from or how often you may need to use them. Then, when you’ve organized the space properly, write down or draw the map of it so you don’t forget. Keep it taped to the storage door or wall for easy use.

Consider plastic containers instead of boxes

While boxes are the most popular thing to pack in when moving or storing your belongings, they’re far from the only one. When accessing things in storage, alternative storage containers may be better because they’re easier to move, open or see into. Plastic bins are the most popular – clear but safe and reusable, they’re the perfect solution.

Organizing your storage unit when you don’t plan on visiting it often

You may think that there is no need to organize things in storage beyond the basics when you don’t plan on accessing them very often. However, there are still certain things you should pay attention to.

Put the boxes you might need access to in the front

Even if you don’t think you’ll need to access your belongings much, you are always more likely to need some things than others. So put the things you might want to get out of storage towards the front so you don’t have to look for them. Remember that this means you need to pack and store the things you need least first.

Different sized cardboard boxes.
Some boxes matter more than others.

Put large, heavy items on the bottom and to the back

This should be obvious but when you’re stacking boxes you want the sturdiest things at the bottom. So don’t put large and heavy items on top – use them as a base for lighter boxes. Push them to the back to make sure there’s enough space for them and so that they aren’t in the way.

Make sure there’s enough space to move around for cleaning purposes

It may seem like organizing your storage unit without ease of access in mind means you don’t have to worry about leaving some space and you can just shove as many boxes in there as possible. But you should keep in mind that you will still need to visit from time to time to clean and do pest control. So try to leave at least a little bit of space to move around in.

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