Guide to moving to your first apartment in Secaucus NJ

Moving to your first apartment is great news! Regardless of you are leasing or purchasing it. And moving to your first apartment in Secaucus NJ sounds even better! Secaucus, known as a Jewel of New Jersey’s Meadowlands, is only five miles away from Times Square, NYC. This means you are moving to an attractive location. And you are most probably excited about all this. You already know a lot about Secaucus. The town is well known for its various sports activities. It also has three major Senior citizen residences. And it has Gibraltar Van Lines, a professional and exceptionally reliable moving company that will help you move into your first apartment.

An apartment with a wall with clock and big window on the back, rag and round coffee table in front of corner sofa and wooden staircase leading to the second floor
Excited about moving to your first apartment in Secaucus NJ

Preparing to move to your apartment in Secaucus NJ

You got your first, own apartment. Now you can arrange it the way you like. It will have the furniture in accordance with your taste. And will have the decorations you like, and where you like them. So you finally have your full freedom. Go a step further in your preparations to move. Do it by contacting one of the best movers Secaucus NJ. Make an agreement with them about the exact moving day. The company that is having over 45 years of experience in the moving industry. This alone tells you that your move will be done by responsible and professional people. And that your possessions will be safe with them. But is that enough?

Inform yourself about the neighborhood before you move to your new apartment

Before the moving day comes, you can pay few visits to your new neighborhood. Dedicate that time to walk around and get familiar with the area. Find out about shops that are close to your new apartment. Also, check transportation possibilities. If you already have a car, see if it is wise to keep it. The costs of paying for parking are usually very high in Secaucus NJ. And the place is well covered with public transportation. Even commuting to NYC is easy. In this case, by selling a car, you will save on parking. And you will get additional funds to spend for other purposes.

A man with beard, in black clothes and with a black basketball cap seating on a high place, with big buildings behind him, checking neighborhood before moving to his first apartment in Secaucus NJ
Inform yourself about the neighborhood before you move day

Make your apartment ready to move in

There are still a few tasks you should complete before moving to your first apartment. One of the most important is to make sure your apartment is ready to move in. Before movers start bringing in your possessions, you will have to do a few preparations.

  • do all repairs like changing broken sockets, fixing damaged tails, fix damaged wooden surfaces
  • complete repainting walls and ceilings up to your wish
  • do the throughout apartment cleaning
  • change the entrance door locks
  • check the smoke detectors in the whole apartment
  • make sure the fire extinguishers check date has not expired
  • do renovations or changes in the apartment (check if you can do it yourself or must contract the licensed constructors)
  • inspect apartment services like cable TV, internet, etc.
  • read the apartment’s electricity, gas, and water contracts
  • look at utility bills to make sure all were settled by previous occupants
  • check what are the trash moving days in your new place

Do you need some more things to purchase before moving into your apartment?

If you were previously living in an apartment with roommates, you will need to purchase some additional things. It is usually the case, when moving to your first apartment, that you discover you need some things you were taking for granted. You will probably need few essential furniture pieces. Besides, adding wall hooks, an umbrella holder, racks, mirrors, the lamp is also advisable. It will of course depend on your budget and preferences. It might turn out you need some more kitchen utensils and appliances. All these additional things are good to move in after the moving day. And you will like to buy all of them in the neighborhood. The team of moving company New Jersey will be pleased to help you. Living in the area, they will be able to recommend you the best places for such shopping.

Woman on moving staircase with shopping bags and with shop windows and pot flowers down below
Your local movers will be able to recommend you the best places for shopping

If you are moving to your apartment from a house

If you were previously living in a house, it is generally more spacious. This means that, over the years, you have accumulated a lot of things. So many things won’t fit into your new apartment. Some of the things, for example, a lawnmower, you will not need. You might also find out that some of your things, both furniture and clothes, are out of fashion. Such, for sure, you would like to leave behind. This also means that before you move to your apartment, you will have to do decluttering.

Sorting your possessions is not an easy job, but bottom line, it will make the move easier. All possessions that you decide to leave behind you can sort into four categories. Some of them you will sell. That way, you may get additional funds for your moving budget. Some of them you will gift to relatives or friends. Some will end up as donations and some you will throw away.

Renting a storage unit in Secaucus NJ when moving to your first apartment

After you finish decluttering, you might find out some things you want to keep. Problem is that you will not have enough space for them in your new Secaucus apartment. There is a solution for that. You can easily rent a storage unit in Secaucus NJ.

Why it is important to hire a reliable local moving company when moving to Secaucus NJ?

Once you prepare your home for movers, the local moving company can help you in many ways. First, they will know and use the best routes for moving to your first apartment in Secaucus NJ. This way, you and your possessions will be at your new address faster. Knowing the neighborhood, they will also be able to secure a good parking place for their moving truck. The closer they park to your new apartment, the faster they will unload your possessions. Later, whenever you need their assistance, they are close to paying them a visit. For example, when you want to move in a new piece of furniture. You would naturally like to rent movers that you already know. And the movers who proved their professionalism and efficiency. So, even after the moving day, keeping on good terms with your local moving company may show as greatly beneficial.

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