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One of the most common issues many faces daily is manifesting in a question – where do I store my stuff? This question is common, so don’t stress over whether you are the only one facing it. There are countless things you don’t use frequently that need a home somewhere in your home. There are, on the other hand, items you use semi-frequently that still need to rest somewhere. In order to figure out which items are stored in what way, you need to learn how frequently you actually use them. So for instance, how do you approach storing sports equipment?

storing sports equipment - gym stuff
The bigger they are – the harder it is to store them.

Many moving companies Cedar Grove NJ will argue that they need to be within arms reach. But, what does this really mean? Before we can get into how you will actually store your sports equipment, we need to understand just how frequently you use them. Given that this can vary greatly, from one home to the other, we will take one of the most common examples. Let’s take, for instance, that you indulge in sports activities at least twice a week. This is something we may consider as an average.

However, this answer is not enough. Aside from how often, we also need to know which sports activity this is. Depending on these two answers, we may propose a strategy, or two.

Storing sports equipment based on the frequency of its usage

First of all, if you are doing your sports stuff once a month, then the storage used for it should not be something that is super accessible. For such items, you may even want to even consider storage Montclair NJ, given that it may use too much apartment space. This goes especially for those living in rather small, single bedroom apartments. In these specific cases, you need all the storage you can get. This is why a remote storage unit might do the trick. Of course, this is only viable if you are not a frequent user of the sports equipment.

hockey sticks
Hockey sticks could be a challenge.

If you are indulging in sports activities more than once a week, the storage unit will be no good. For this specific case, you will want to find a certain part of the apartment/house that is not in the way of everyone’s daily routine. The more frequent the use – the more accessible the storing spot will need to be. This is simply because you do not want to waste time looking for it each time you need it. So, how do you go about storing sports equipment you use often, without it being in the way while still being easily reachable? We first need to know which sports activity you do!

Storing sports equipment based on the type of sports

Well, this can be very broad. You could go from going to the gym all the way to playing ice hockey. The type of sports will mainly dictate the size of the equipment. So, storing an ice hockey stick could be a problem in a small apartment. This would, in fact, be one of the best times to rent storage.  On the other hand, gym equipment is easy. There could be other activities such as golf. All of these could be problematic due to the size of them. However, we will give a few examples of places that can be used for pretty much anything. Hopefully, this will either be the answer to your question, or an inspiration for an alternative place.

The first and most obvious ‘hiding spot’ – under the bed

This is an easily overlooked spot and largely underused one. You have no idea just how many things can fit under your bed. Best of all, it doesn’t matter which sport it is – you can most likely fit it underneath. In the example of ice hockey, rarely will your stick be longer than the bed. This means that you could easily fit it underneath. The same goes for gold, as the sticks are rarely (if ever) going to be longer than the bed itself. As for other sports, basketballs, gym bags, boxing gloves, soccer balls – all fit under your bed.

This is a universal and frequently used spot for storing sports equipment. It should be your go-to option whenever circumstances allow. It is out of your way, it won’t be cluttering your space and you can reach all of it seamlessly whenever you need to. Simply perfect.

The even more obvious place – your closet

This is, probably, the most used spot for storing sports equipment. And for a good reason too! It will be out of everyone’s way, and it will be within arms reach whenever you need it. It is simply a perfect spot. However, not all homes have the luxury of having a closet. Still, without going into too much obvious detail – if you have a closet this will be your number of place for sports equipment!

Use your wall

Yes, you read it right. A fancy trick for storing sports equipment is using your wall! This will allow you to have your sports equipment to become a decoration as well. For instance, take the hockey thing. Hockey sticks look absolutely cool. Imagine having two of them crossed on a wall. It will be a conversation starter for sure, for all of your guests. “So, you play hockey, eh?”. It will give life to your place with a few simple steps.

Swords would make a very cool decoration.

Furthermore, imagine if you were doing sword fighting? Having a few swords on the wall, that you take down each time you have practice would look marvelous! They will be out of everyone’s way and reach, but within arms reach when you need them. Brilliant!

If you need help with packing your sports equipment for the relocation, we will be more than happy to hear from you!

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