Guide to signing a moving contract

Change of the address is something that most people do only once or twice in their lifetime. Being an activity that we are not familiar with, moving can seem like a complex and difficult task. There is a lot of planning involved plus you need to stay organized the whole time and respect the time frames. But then again, if you putt a little effort and research and educate yourself on the matter you will see that moving is not a big deal. What puzzles people enormously is the legal side of the moving process. Sure, packing and transporting your belongings is physically challenging and all, but what about all those contracts and paperwork? In this article, we will try to help you with signing a moving contract. What does it include, and what do you need to pay attention to when signing one? That is something you need to be familiar with when acquiring moving services NJ in order to get the best possible deals.

Do some research before signing a moving contract

What you absolutely have to do is to double-check if the movers you intend to hire are reputable and trustworthy. Those are the people who will handle your precious belongings so you need to make sure that they act in a professional manner. Whether you are moving your apartment or offices you must have a quality partner. If you need to relocate your bureau, check out office movers NJ to find the best possible deals.  So, what are some of the markings of reputable movers?

  • The moving company has all the necessary documentation. This means that they have all the licenses and certificates to operate on the market. The company should have a USDOT number issued by the United States Department of Transportation. This should be your first clue.
  • Workers are friendly and professional. This is a major clue when we speak about moving companies. Quality of their personnel is of the highest importance when it comes to this particular service. One of the ways to tell if you are dealing with professionals is to check if their employees are uniformed. A simple phone call can also tell you if employees are kind and eager to help you.
  • State of their equipment. If the moving crew arrived in a worn-out truck or van, this is a sign that you should reconsider your decision. You want your stuff to arrive safely to its destination, right?
  • Read online reviews. Before signing anything invest some time to read the reviews that people left on their official site. Every reputable moving company should have an informative website to help their customers. By reading the reviews you can discard amateur companies from the beginning and save your money and time. Similarly, leave the written feedback upon the completion of your moving process. This way you can help others in the same position.

    Picture of boxes to tick when signing a moving contract
    When signing a moving contract you need to be sure that you are hiring a reputable company

Are you insured?

You can see if you are dealing with potential scammers simply by checking what insurance options they have on disposal. When signing a moving contract, we advise you to skip all companies that don’t have insurance. Yes, your goal should be to lower the costs as much as possible but lookout where are you making the cuts. Even if you secured the services of a top-notch moving company, accidents can still happen. So, get your insurance and let your mind be at peace. The company should have several types of insurance for you to choose plus the option of third-party insurance.

Picture of stepping on a banana
One of the papers you will have to sign is the insurance for your move

Costs and quotes are important

Before you sign anything, you need to make sure you understand all parts of the contract. If the contract is hard to understand, this might be a red flag which means that you are dealing with scammers. Read all the details to avoid facing additional costs. When you have selected a few companies that you believe are perfect for your case it is time to pick the most affordable solution. You do this by comparing moving quotes. Moving quotes are calculated based on a number of items you plan on moving and their combined weight. Moving specific items, artwork, and generally expensive pieces may lead to higher costs. Another important component is the distance of your move.

Picture of dollar bills
The contract should have a section where the price and method of payment will be listed

Before signing a moving contract do an estimate

So, the first paperwork you will face is the moving estimate. What is exactly that? Basically, what they do is check what items you plan on moving, and how far. The crew will take a tour of your house, attic or garage and calculate the approximate costs. Next, you will get a written estimate to get a general idea of how much everything will cost. The final price will be different but not by a considerable margin. There are two types of moving estimates: Non-binding and binding.

A non-binding estimate is actually an expectation of how much the move will cost. The final price can be around 10% higher than the estimate. You inform the company about the number of your belongings and services you plan to purchase. You can do this over the phone.

A binding estimate is a certain and final price that you will have to pay when the job is done. For this type of estimate, the company will send a representative to do an appraisal of your home. Then, they will give you a written assessment.

Other aspects of signing a moving contract

Lastly, every moving contract must have some basic inclusions like information about the company and you, certification and licenses, a destination of the shipment and agreed dates. Finally, every contract must include the price and method of payment.

This was a short guide that might come in handy when signing a moving contract. Be smart and read everything carefully, or consider consulting friends who specialize in law. We wish you a safe relocation.

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