Guide for packing valuable antiques for storage in Montclair NJ

Packing your antique items and furniture is something you need to do with care. Many things can go wrong, so the best thing you can do is to have a plan and patience. Because knowing how packing valuable antiques for storage in Montclair NJ works is half the job done. The other one is having good movers Montclair NJ helping you transport them to the storage unit. In the following article, we will tell you just what you need to do to make such a thing possible.

Make sure to have a plan when packing valuable antiques for storage in Montclair NJ

It is important to have a guide or a plan, you will follow when packing your antiques for storage. This plan will contain all the steps you need to take to organize a good packing process. It will include some tasks like measuring, renting storage, etc. With these things in mind, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings. And that is something you would want to know more about when packing expensive items.

pen and paper you will use to make a plan when packing valuable antiques for storage in Montclair NJ
Make a plan before packing valuable antiques for storage in Montclair NJ

Plans are good if we want to keep everything organized. That is why you need to do this. It will make your relocation and packing process easier by a lot. So make sure to have one when storing. And if you have any troubles with the moving process, we recommend hiring Gibraltar Van Lines movers. Experienced movers know how to handle fragile and expensive items. It will be a good idea to hire ones if you haven’t already.

Measure everything first

The thing is, if you wish to safely store your items in the storage unit, you need to take measures first before storing them. This will help you find the perfect storage units for your needs. Always begin with the biggest item you wish to store. And don’t forget to add at least 2 inches more, because of the packing materials you will use. As you finish with the biggest item, you should then focus on smaller ones until you finish everything. That will allow you to calculate the approximate size of all items combined. And based on that, you will be able to search for a good unit.

a measuring tape
Make sure to measure everything before packing

Looking for a storage unit is something that can be very hard. That is why people often opt to go straight to Storage Montclaire NJ companies. Because that way they can save a lot of time when they want to store their antiques. And not only that, but they will keep their items safe at all times. This will help you when packing valuable antiques for storage in Montclair NJ.

What kind of packing materials to use

When you wish to pack antiques, you need to have in mind that different items require different packing approaches. For instance, you can’t pack glass the same way you pack wood and metal. And there are many other examples as well. There are some universal items you can use, and they are:

  • Proper cardboard boxes, wooden crates, and plastic bins
  • Packing hay, packing beans, air-filled wraps
  • Packing tape, rope strings
  • Old newspapers, fabrics such as blankets, pillowcases, etc.
old newspaper
Old newspapers are perfect packing materials

These are the perfect packing antiques for storage, you will use for your packing process. For instance, cardboard, blankets, and newspapers are all perfect when you want to wrap your antiques when packing. They will provide them with the perfect protection, while you can use packing tape and rope strings to tighten up the wraps. If you opt to get wooden crates and bins, don’t forget to use packing hay and packing beans. They will cushion all items in the crates so they won’t tumble around. This is something very important to remember if you wish to pack your belongings with ease. And if you end up with extra newspapers, you can always reuse them in many ways. And some of them will help you keep your home clean.

Have help when moving your antiques

It is not always easy to move your antique items by yourself. Some of them can be very heavy and complicated to transport. That is why you would want to think about getting help from your friends or a professional moving company. Remember to stay safe when moving them! Heavy items can really injure your back so knowing how to properly lift them is something you must learn. To simplify it, always lift heavy items with your legs, and not your back. This is the only way to avoid any serious back injuries when moving and storing your antiques. And not only that, but you can use dollies and straps to safely transport them.

Packing your antiques for the storage unit is something few people know how to do properly. And if you have some very valuable and fragile items, then you will have to deal with stress as well. Always worrying about if you packed them properly can be devastating. That is why you need to think about the benefits of getting professional packing services. Because that can be the only way to safely transport your antiques with ease. Also, you won’t have to worry about their safety as well.

By now you have learned how to approach packing valuable antiques for storage in Montclair NJ. It will help you when you want to keep your items safe and stored in the storage unit. Not only that, but the transporting process will be easier as well. We are glad if you found our guide helpful, and would like to invite you to read our blog. We have more interesting guidelines in store for you.

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