Guide to an eco-friendly relocation

Are you worried that your home is going to get all messy once you start packing for the move? Do you think that packing supplies and unnecessary items need to become trash? If you are, you should consider having an eco-friendly relocation. It doesn’t sound easy to do, but it’s not complicated either. All you need is a good plan, some knowledge and a good moving company NJ to help. In the end, everyone can enjoy a green move and save the environment. Let’s take a look at how you can organize an eco-friendly relocation with ease.

Benefits of having an eco-friendly relocation

red kitchen towel
When packing the kitchen, you could use kitchen towels and cotton cloths that you’ll not have to throw away after the move.

Most relocations include a lot of packing supplies, old and unnecessary items, and junk. However, there are ways you could move eco-friendly and still save the environment. Besides saving the environment, there are other benefits of organizing an eco-friendly relocation. Take a look at some of them:

  • Saving money. While new and unused packing supplies can cost a fortune, why not use the multi-purpose ones? Finding reusable moving boxes and containers can save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • Having less to clean. After the moving process is over, there are always some supplies and other materials left to clean. If you have an eco-friendly relocation, this doesn’t have to be the case.
  • Helping others. Why not save your reusable packing supplies and give to family members for their next move?
  • Less junk and garbage. Stacking moving boxes all over each other can be pretty messy. However, reusable containers can be perfect for storing different items in your home.
  • Saving your health. By getting rid of all of the toxic materials the right way, you will avoid possible injuries while moving.

How to choose eco-friendly packing supplies?

It might sound like a trendy thing to do, but eco-friendly packing supplies are not that easy to find. Moreover, you might already have some of them in your home. The definition of eco-friendly packing supplies is making sure to find supplies you can reuse. Although plastic is not good for the environment, you can find bio-degradable crates and containers. Most good moving companies offer these as part of their packing service. For example, some furniture movers NJ will make sure not to use plastic wraps while moving your furniture pieces. Instead, they could suggest using reusable blankets and straps.

recycling is an essential part of any eco-friendly relocation
An eco-friendly move is only possible if you plan to recycle.

Another way to organize supplies for your eco-friendly relocation is to ask people you know or use the ones you have. On one hand, your friends and family members might already have some storage boxes they could lend you for the move. On the other hand, why not use the original packaging for moving bigger home appliances and electronic devices? This way, you will not have a messy home after the unpacking process is over.

Organizing the packing process

When it comes to packing for eco-friendly relocation, there is one important fact to have in mind. And that fact is – less is more! For example, if you are packing a kitchen, you don’t need to use tons of packing paper for wrapping every coffee mug individually. Instead, you could use kitchen towels and cotton cloths that you’ll not have to throw away after the move. The biggest benefit of having an eco-friendly relocation is saving the environment by not making too much garbage.

knit blankets
Some furniture movers NJ will make sure to use the reusable blankets and straps.

Things to know when moving eco-friendly

Even though we made it easier to understand the process of the environment-friendly move, there are some concerns you should know.

  • An eco-friendly move is only possible if you plan to recycle. Make sure to have a moving plan with all the necessary materials and items written down.
  • There are special moving companies that offer eco-friendly supplies and services. Make sure to know your movers before hiring them.
  • Consider renting an eco-friendly moving truck. Some green-moving companies offer rental trucks that use cleaner biodiesel fuel.
  • You should produce as little junk as possible while moving eco-friendly. Declutter, donate, reuse and recycle!

What to do with the excess inventory while moving?

When it comes to eco-friendly relocation, there is one thing that might be a concern. It’s almost impossible to move from a big household or an office space without having some things to get rid of. However, there is no need to throw the excess furniture pieces, books, clothes, and other items. In order to take care of the environment, you have two options.

The first option is to recycle while moving and the second one is to give your belongings to charity. By offering your unwanted belongings to those less fortunate, you will produce less waste and save your time while moving. Also, decluttering can be a good thing, especially if you are moving into a smaller home.

How to organize an eco-friendly relocation?

Whether you are moving locally or long distance, there are ways to organize an eco-friendly relocation with ease. One of the things we would recommend is that you hire a good moving company that could help you save your time on packing and transportation. If you search for some movers Union County NJ, you will find that many moving companies offer reusable green crates and other environment-friendly packing supplies.

moving truck on the road
Some green-moving companies offer rental trucks that use cleaner biodiesel fuel.

Having an eco-friendly relocation is a thing we should all strive for. Saving the environment, and simplifying your moving process is not the thing of the future. With a few tips and hacks, everyone can learn how to prepare for an efficient, green move.

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