Great places in NJ for multigenerational families

Moving to another place is always a tough task to pull off. It does not matter whether you are moving alone or with someone. But, what if we add multigenerational families to the mix? Things become much more complex, from moving to finding the right place for you. New Jersey is one of the best places for you to live. There is everything for everyone, you just have to find it. That is why we wanted to help you in your search for places in NJ for multigenerational families. After that, all you are left with is to find good movers, like Gibraltar Van Lines, and make the transition easy!

The list of best places in NJ for multigenerational families

  • Ridgewood
  • North Bergen
  • Hoboken


Ridgewood is one of the great places for multigenerational families you should consider moving to. The place itself is not that big, it has around 25000 residents. But, it has so much to offer, especially if you have younger members of the family. The schools are great and you should not have problems with this. Another thing that will make you consider finding Bergen County movers and moving to Ridgewood is the low crime rate. Your family can feel safe and walk without having to think about whether something bad is going to happen. All in all, a great place in New Jersey for multigenerational families!

North Bergen

If you do not want to live in smaller places, you can always choose North Bergen. North Bergen is a place with a population of around 63000. That means that you will get a bigger city feel and it is quite important to some people. That also means that you will get much more opportunities.  If this is important for you and your family, you should look no more. You should just make sure that movers North Bergen NJ that you hire have the right moving experience. You probably have a ton of items combined and that is why you do not want to ask amateurs to take care of you.

black and white building
North Bergen has the feel of a big city in a smaller place


When talking about great places in New Jersey for families, we have to consider the price of real estate. But, that is not everything that is there, right? Hoboken is one of the places where the real estate may be a bit higher. But you get a lot of things in return. The great thing about Hoboken, NJ is that it is a part of the NY metropolitan area and that means that you are there whenever you want. You are in the middle ground. You can get the best of both sides. It is certainly something to consider, right?

But, when it comes to moving there, you do not want movers without experience by your side. This is a bit more complicated move and you should find proper movers in Hoboken NJ. You want someone that can take care of you while you do not have to worry. The good thing is that there are many people who can help you, you just have to find them!

hoboken is one of good places in NJ for multigenerational families
Hoboken would be the unconventional pick

In conclusion

We wanted to say that there are many more places in NJ for multigenerational families. It is something that you can’t place in only one list. But, we feel that the three places that we have mentioned have everything that multigenerational families would want. So, take your pick and start a new life!

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