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Are you looking at a relocation that involves a truckload of robust and heavy furniture pieces? At Gibraltar Van Lines, the furniture movers NJ we employ have the skills and training to move, pack, load and deliver your furniture to any location you tell us. After inventorying the contents of your home, all tables, beds, mirrors, bedroom bridge sets, multi-piece china closets, wall units, platform beds, flat and big-screen televisions, stereo component systems, computers, appliances, and pianos are disassembled and then reassembled at your new location by our moving crew. Once we arrive at your new home, we will unload, reassemble, unpack, and set up your household goods per your instruction. Call us now to arrange your stress-free relocation!

First-rate furniture movers NJ – efficient and equipped

An essential part of the NJ furniture-moving process is making sure that all items are carefully packed. We blanket-wrap all furniture in the finest grade moving pads, special foam and plastic wrappings, such as:

  • heavy-duty wrap;
  • anti-static bubble wrap;
  • plastic stretch wrap;

all before being removed from your residence. All wrapping and protective coverings remain on your furniture while in transit and in storage, to ensure that your items will not be scratched, stained or otherwise damaged.

furniture movers NJ
Our furniture movers NJ have the skills and training to move, pack, load, and deliver your furniture to any location you tell us.

With all the elements involved in NJ local moving, the best way to guarantee your furniture’s safety is by planning ahead. At Gibraltar Van Lines, our furniture movers NJ are nothing if not organized. We will first make a list of all the furniture that needs packing. Next, we will pick and choose the right types of packing materials for differently-sized furniture. The packing will be done by a trained member of staff and transported in a way that is up to the local moving standards and guidelines.

How can our furniture movers NJ help you plan the move?

Among all the other belongings people move, furniture is one of the heaviest and trickiest to relocate. For once, getting a sofa bed or a closet out of the room takes a lot of skill. Narrow hallways, stairs, and the rest of the surroundings can also be aggravating circumstances. However, our furniture movers NJ know how to overcome these obstacles by careful planning of the moving process. Moving heavy inventory takes skill to plan. Our moving company took years to practice and learn how to wrap, secure, and move oversized items most efficiently. With Gibraltar Van Lines, there is nothing too heavy or tricky to move.

We believe that the right equipment and efficient moving crew are all you need for a care-free move. To enjoy your relocation, you must make sure to handle things you physically can, and those you can’t – you should leave to us. Our residential movers NJ understand the nature of your move and the size of it. At Gibraltar Van Lines, we always make sure to build a solid moving strategy to move heavy items with ease.

Our furniture moving services save your time

Even though moving last minute is very doable, there are some aspects of the move that take more time to handle. You can always pack your clothes and smaller items into moving boxes and call it a day.

kitchen furniture
If you want to avoid common moving injuries, let our furniture movers take care of all the hard work.

However, furniture relocation has many obstacles along the way. For once, the weight and the shape of it make it impossible to move in one hour. Also, getting injured during the process happens more often than you may think. If you want to avoid common moving injuries, let our furniture movers take care of all the hard work. Take a look at why will hiring our furniture movers NJ can save you valuable time. These are the steps of your move we can help with:

  • Wrapping and securing your furniture
  • Measuring the space and making a moving plan
  • Supplying with all the packing materials
  • Guaranteeing the security of your furniture during the move
  • Loading and unloading your furniture to and from a moving truck

If you still haven’t found the right movers for your upcoming relocation, consider giving our company a call. Our moving services New Jersey are the best solution for having a stress-free moving day. By letting us know more details of your move, we will make sure to come up with the most efficient moving plan.

Why should you hire our moving professionals?

houses in New Jersey
Our moving company has over 40 years of experience in local and long-distance moving.

What every person wants during their move is to avoid stress and keep their inventory safe. At Gibraltar Van Lines, we know how important it is to take special care of valuable, heavy and bulky items. That is why our furniture movers NJ will offer you moving insurance, no matter how far you plan to move. If you have any unusual requests regarding your move, please let us know. Our moving company is here to adapt the moving services to your own needs.

Hiring furniture movers NJ has just become way easier! By giving us a call and letting our professionals do the hard work, you will save a lot of your time. Why bother getting all the supplies and equipment when Gibraltar Van Lines will provide a full-moving service for you? Here is the list of the top reasons why you should consider hiring our furniture movers NJ:

  • We have over 40 years of experience in local and long-distance moving.
  • Our moving company offers a variety of moving services. All you need to do is choose!
  • Gibraltar Van Lines has all the equipment necessary to move your furniture.
  • Get efficient and friendly moving service at affordable prices!
  • Moving antiques, valuables, or oversized items? With us, those will be in safe hands.
  • Our moving company will offer you moving insurance and a free moving quote.

If you are planning a move and are intimidated by all the furniture that needs packing, do not fret. Give Gibraltar Van Lines a call today at 1-800-262-3499 to learn more about all of our furniture movers NJ, and receive a free moving estimate NJ.

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Excellent service.We moved across town last week and these guys did a great job. Max, Qua, Rob and Tito were professional and courteous and above all very careful with all our belongings. Will happily recommend them to friends and family.

Clayton Love

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