From Hoboken to North Bergen in less than a week – how to do it right?

Moving out is exciting, with new adventures on the horizon, but before you complete the move, it can get quite overwhelming. It’s easy to mess something up in a rush, so you want to make sure to do everything right. Don’t worry! We at Gibraltar Van Lines are here to help you move from Hoboken to North Bergen in less than a week.

A woman carrying boxes to move from Hoboken to to North Bergen in less than a week
Only with professional help can you move from Hoboken to North Bergen in less than a week with no added stress

What to expect when moving from Hoboken to North Bergen?

If you are still wondering if you made a good decision by choosing North Bergen for your next destination, here are a few things that will probably remove your doubts.


For starters, its population of around 60 000 people. This makes it perfect if you want to avoid all the rush and noise you would experience if living in cities nearby.  This is very helpful if you’re going to raise your kids there, focus on your family, and work without worrying about wasting time in traffic, public transport, etc.  North Bergen will also suit you if you’re a retiree and only want to relax and spend your retirement in a peaceful place.

Grandparents with two grandchildren
North Bergen is a great city both for families and retirees.


This is something to always keep in mind. Many places that seem alright at first turn out to have worrying results in crime rates. Thankfully, North Bergen doesn’t fit that description. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the United States and is generally considered to be a safe place.


As we already said, New Bergen by itself is not too big and relatively quiet. However, „The Big Apple“ lies in its neighborhood. New York City is only a 30-minute ride away from New Bergen, just across the Hudson River. So whenever you want to enjoy everything that New York brings to the table, you’ll be there in no time. Taking a cab, public transport or driving on your own, it shouldn’t take more than an hour, depending on traffic.


Although New Bergen is not widely known for many landmarks, it still has many places worth visiting in the town or surrounding areas. These include:

  • Belvedere Castle
  • The Little Red Lighthouse
  • Vessel
  • Hellgate Bridge
  • Cathedral of St John The Divine
  • North Hudson County Park

These are just a few to name, but Bergen County has many, many more landmarks worth seeing.

How to navigate the move from Hoboken to North Bergen in less than a week?

If you are in a rush or don’t want to spend weeks of your time worrying about moving, you’ll likely need assistance from professionals through every step of your move. Finding the right ones shouldn’t be a problem as there are many movers Hoboken, NJ that provide same service you need to complete the process.


Packing is always something to pay attention to. When you’re moving a lot of things, it’s really easy to forget, lose or break something. Of course, no one wants to see their valuables damaged in any way. Although you can do it properly yourself, it would undoubtedly take you weeks to do everything. From buying supplies, making a plan and packing items one by one. While this is a cheaper option, it’s not a recommended one, especially if you’re trying to squeeze the whole move within a week. Therefore, hiring Bergen County movers that provide service that includes packing would be the best solution.

Hiring reliable moving companies in North Bergen

If you want to save on time and move from Hoboken to North Bergen in less than a week, hiring reliable movers is the way to go. The critical aspect is hiring reliable movers, one with decades of experience in this line of work. This will ensure that you focus on more important parts of your relocation to North Bergen, like finding a new home. You can use this week to think about and plan where you plan on putting your things and how you want your living space to be decorated. You can also spend some time thinking about if you’re going to rent a storage unit or not. Of course, this depends on whether you have enough new space to unpack all your stuff.

Finding reliable moving companies online can be a tricky thing. You can start by comparing online reviews and finding local movers. You should definitely factor in finances and your budget for the move. And above all, you should find local in-state movers.

Saving time moving from Hoboken to North Bergen in less than a week – renting storage

Since you’re looking for a blitz move in less than a week, you should rent a storage unit. This is going to make your move easier on you. That way, you can focus on essential items and valuable belongings while leaving other non-essentials in a storage unit.

A man looking for storage units to help him move from Hoboken to North Bergen in less than a week
Finding a suitable storage unit can help you focus on more pressing tasks

You won’t have to worry about them before settling in North Bergen because they will be safely stored. Movers North Bergen, NJ offer various services in excellent conditions when it comes to storage units. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for long-term or short-term storage; we got you covered. With 45 years of experience, we are here to make your relocation as easy as possible.

While moving out is indeed a new adventure, short deadlines can exacerbate relocation stress. Hopefully, this quick guide helped you achieve good organization to enjoy everything North Bergen has to offer as soon as possible.  As mentioned above, moving companies really make it easier for you to get through moving from Hoboken to North Bergen in less than a week. However, you can’t just pick the first one you find. Remember, they’re the ones handling the most valuable things you possess, so you want to make sure it’s in the right hands.

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