Finding the perfect roommate in NYC – tips & tricks

Living in New York City is a dream for many young and passionate people. It is the place of opportunity and the economy (and some would claim cultural) capital of the world. A microcosmos with its own rules and thoughts. However, exactly because the Big Apple is so attractive, there are a lot of people flocking to it each year… and of course, NYC has a pretty spectacular solution for this influx. Build upwards. Five boroughs of New York City have various levels of building heights, but almost universally all new yorkers live at small (and pricey) apartments.

Therefore, tall buildings and small apartments are the reality of New York – and that is exactly why you need a roommate. It will help you with the rent cost. However, since the apartment will probably be small, you want to be successful in finding the perfect roommate in NYC.

Start with your friends

Ok, so you will definitely need a good roommate. With cozy little apartments of New York, you do not want to be stuck with someone you will not get along with after your company of choice among moving companies Morris County NJ relocates you to NYC. Therefore you will want to find that perfect roommate. Where to start, though? Well, we would recommend you start with your circle of friends!

People in a pipe
A friend should be the first among candidates

Now, of course, we are sure that this thought has crossed your mind. After all, it makes perfect sense that you would prefer to live with someone you know and like rather than with a total stranger. Actually, it is quite likely that you are on this very post only because you haven’t found any viable candidates. However, we wish to cross this off just in case.

Therefore, begin with your closest friends. Try to see what their interests are and if they will have used them from moving to NYC with you. Of course, there is a good chance that this would have come up as part of the regular conversation before. Therefore, let us turn to your wider circle of friends and acquaintances as candidates. You should spread the word that you are looking for a roommate among your friends. Finding the perfect roommate in NYC will be a lot easier if you know them already, at list a bit, so acquaintances are still preferable to total strangers.

Finding the perfect roommate in NYC online

Ok, so let us assume that you didn’t encounter any good candidates among these groups we just mentioned. Well, if that is the case, you should turn to online methods. After all, when you are in need of special things and unusual services (such as piano movers NJ), going online will help a lot better.

So, first off, try social media. That is a good way to see your post while still aiming for people you at least somewhat know. However, if posting on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media fails, you do have a plan b.

Finding the perfect roommate in NYC - books and tea
Be sure to find a roommate that will have similar ideas about morning routines as you do

What would that plan B… be? Well, you just might find that finding the perfect roommate in NYC is similar to finding a good partner. After all, there are some requirements that are the same. These would be such variables as hygiene, diet, etc. Well, this fact was not lost on some app makers. You are just a short Google search away from dozens of apps that are literary made for total strangers to get connected and become roommates. After you find the perfect one, just hire movers Livingston NJ and get moving!

Using apps like these is good, but you need to know exactly what you are looking for. Let us elaborate.

What is perfect for you?

The problem with writing a text that should help you in finding the perfect roommate in NYC is that nobody is exactly the same, meaning that everybody has different ideas as to what the perfect roommate actually is. You want for the person you move in with (with the help of movers Newark NJ) to be compatible with you. Therefore, we picked out three factors you should probably be on the same page on.

  • Rent/utility payment. This is a big one. You absolutely want someone that will be both able and willing to bear the burden of the financial obligations living in NYC supposes. Finding the perfect roommate in NYC is, in big part, finding someone to help you with the price of things. Be sure you share your responsibilities equally and clearly.
  • Hygiene. Having a roommate that has a different level of hygiene than you can be very problematic, even more so when you consider how hard it is to speak on the topic without offending someone. Be sure that you know who you are moving into.
  • Chores. Living together will mean cooperation on chores and their fair distribution.

Read up on responsibilities you will share

Landlord-tenant laws are a pretty important thing to look into before moving. We want to make sure you understand that moving into an apartment means you both share liability and responsibility for it. 

I agree
What responsibilities will you share?

You have to know exactly what those responsibilities are, and to make sure that the other person/persons are responsible enough not to get you both in trouble!

To sum it up

So, what is there to be said at the end. Let us summarise. In summary, finding the perfect roommate in NYC mainly revolves around finding a responsible person with the same hygiene level, simular financial capabilities and the same level of responsibility as yourself. If you do all that, all you have to do is set ground rules and keep by them.

The thing is… nobody is perfect, never quite. However, you can get very, very close. And, once you “click” it will seem that you were living with those persons for forever, and might even seem that you will do it forever. Then you will know that you made the right choice.

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