Extensions for your New Jersey home- all you should know before you start

When looking into investing in extensions for your New Jersey home, you have to be very organized and you have to plan out every little detail. However, if you are just now moving to New Jersey, then Gibraltar Van Lines can help you out with everything! It is not an easy job to redecorate, create or change your house, so you shouldn’t take it lightly! But don’t get scared too quickly! This can be a very fun experience. And you will be glad you went through with it once you see the results. However, there are still a lot of things that you need to know when it comes to house extensions. Here we brought you some of the best tips you will need.

A modern pink house showing extensions for your New Jersey home, with big open spaces and huge windows. There is a pool in the yard.
You have to be very well organized when it comes to planning home extensions.

What you need to know before planning a home extension

You must have a lot of knowledge before you start building, so here is some advice:


First of all, you need to think about the quality of your home extension. If this is your dream house, and you are planning on living out the rest of your life here, then you have to go the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect. Or, if this isn’t the case, maybe you need to create some extra space before you decide on moving. Whatever the reason might be, you have to make sure that you know exactly what quality you need, because this factor influences all of the other ones.


Next up, and maybe the most important one is the cost. If you’ve recently moved into your new house, then you probably know that moving costs NJ can be very expensive, and sometimes it’s the same with home extensions.  This will probably be the first thing in your mind when you are thinking about making changes to your property. And you are definitely right since the right budget can change everything! Even if you don’t have a lot of money, do not be afraid to get creative. You can build some of the best home extensions when improvising, and you can make your New Jersey house a dream house!


You have decided on the quality and the cost and you are ready to begin. This is where you are probably going to have to wait a little bit. Time is a very important factor and you have to be ready to wait and put your plans on hold. Typically, it can take around 6 and a half months for the project to just get approved. And sometimes, even more, depending on the scale of your plan. So you have to start with planning as soon as possible!


And lastly, we have to talk with our neighbors. This is maybe the one step you haven’t thought of, but it is extremely important. You can find some of the best neighbors in Irvington, as well as movers Irvington NJ, both of whom will be glad to help! We have to consider our surroundings when we are building home extensions, and we have to think if they will affect anyone else. Luckily, good relationships with your neighbors can solve a lot of problems!

A white door leading outside and a few trees in flowerpots
You should always be careful when planning your next home extension. Take into consideration quality, cost and time.

To remember:

  • Quality – long-term or short-term options?
  • Cost – how much do you want to spend on your house extensions?
  • Time – be sure to calculate precisely how much time will you need
  • Neighbors – make sure your plans don’t harm your surroundings

Types of extensions for your New Jersey home

There are 5 major types of extensions for your New Jersey house that you have to consider. These main styles of home extensions should cover all of your needs and wants.

Rear extensions are paced at the back of your property, and they are usually connected with your garden or your patio. Creating an open space whether outdoors or indoors is the easiest with these types of extensions. And some smaller ones can usually be done without a permit.

Side return extensions are usually a great option if you have a path down the side of your house or an ally. These are very popular and they are usually quite small, but they run the length of the room, so it can have an amazing effect. The bonus is that these types of extensions also do not need planning permissions!

Wrap around extensions are a combination of the rear and the side return extension. They are usually good for extending a living space and they can be great for large areas where you can plan out your kitchen.

Double storey extensions are just one of the three shapes (rear, side return, or wrap around) extended to two floors instead of one. This way, you can get your space doubled but there is no extra cost! It is usually 50% cheaper than a single storey extension.

And lastly, we have dormer extensions. This extension will help turn your attic into something useful! You will transform your roof into a space that you can use to make a bedroom or additional space for your kids.

A beige house at night, with white doors and white garage doors. There is a tree in the yard.
There are a few options when it comes to extensions for your New Jersey home, make sure you choose the correct one for you!

House extension ideas

Now that we have covered some of the basics and you already have some knowledge, we can start sharing some of the ideas! Even if New Jersey isn’t for you, and you are planning on moving from NJ to GA, all of these ideas still apply!

First of all, as mentioned above, a simple room in the attic of your home can do wonders! You can use it as a guest bedroom or as a kids’ room, but you could also consider grabbing it for yourself and your partner! Also, another idea is an above garage room extension. s we’ve already mentioned this can save quite a lot of money, and you can never have enough rooms in your house! If you do not need that garage, make sure to transform it into a stylish living room for example.

So that’s it! Everything you need to know when it comes to planning extensions for your New Jersey home! Make sure you follow some of the rules but don’t forget to be creative and imaginative. If you stick to a well-organized schedule, you should be building in no time. Remember, only you can turn your house into a home!

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