The Difference Between Local Moving and Long Distance Moving

Most Americans will have moved at least once by the age of 25. That means that an average adult has at least some experience with moving. But that doesn’t mean they know anything more complex than the fact that you can have a DIY relocation or hire appropriate help. In a lot of cases, people don’t even know how to differentiate between local moving and long distance moving. But that’s okay – just like you are an expert in your field where we would be nothing more than casual bystanders, we also don’t expect you to become a moving expert. Neither do you have to be one. That’s why you have the help of professional movers NJ to enable you to learn the main differences between these two types of moves.

Clearly, the distance is the main difference between local moving and long distance moving

We are sure this one won’t be missed by anyone, as the name itself suggests in which aspect local and long distance moves differ. Are you moving within the 50-mile radius of your current home or are you relocating to a location that’s over 400 miles away from your current one? Generally, moves which are within a 100-mile radius are considered to be local. And local moves are fairly simple. They require less time and fewer movers for the job. But that’s not the only difference between long distance and local moving. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

A solitary road.
Usually, the mileage between point A and point B decides whether you need local or long distance movers.

The complexity of the move is what sets apart a local move from a long distance one

Think about it – when one says local move, the picture of a fairly easy process forms in one’s head. On the other hand, when you think about long distance moving, you are probably imagining a fleet of moving trucks and a dozen movers swarming to your house. Reality has shown that is not far from the truth.

It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about a household relocation or an office move to New Jersey (although commercial relocation is a complicated endeavor on its own), the process remains the same – when moving locally, there is much less stress involved in the process. There is no psychological barrier as you know that you can always travel those 50 miles and take with you anything you forgot and left behind. Besides, when it comes to local moving, people usually consciously decide to make a few trips and relocate their possessions this way.

On the other hand, a long distance move doesn’t allow this flexibility. You will be working by the strict rules of your movers if you want your relocation to be a success. After all, you have no other option but to relocate all of your belongings in that one trip, so you better make it count!

The price is the crucial difference for some

If you want to know what the biggest difference between local moving and long distance moving is, look no further than the price. The moving quotes NJ for these two types will greatly vary; which you will realize as soon as you ask for one.

Coins to pay for local moving and long distance moving companies.
Time is money!

You are probably already able to guess this one, but the price for a long distance move will be much, much higher. There are simply more aspects involved, all of which make moving to a distant location an expensive ordeal.

  • Usually, a bigger moving truck is involved in a long distance relocation as opposed to a local one.
  • The mileage is bigger, so more fuel is needed. Have you seen the fuel prices recently?
  • There are road tolls to be paid.
  • The time the movers will spend on your relocation is the reason why a long distance move is as expensive as it is. After all, time is the most valuable resource.

Finding reputable local and long distance moving companies

Whether you are looking for movers from NJ to FL, the process of finding the right company remains the same. Research is the name of the game in this situation. What you are supposed to do is spend some time on your favorite pastime – the Internet. Instead of using it for Netflix, you will be using it for finding the right moving assistance.

A woman searching for something on a tablet.
Use the Internet to help you find a reliable moving company.

For starters, visit the websites of a few movers you feel might be a good choice for you. A lot of the information you need can already be found on the customer testimonials section. Although, you’ll have to be very careful. A lot of those reviews you read will be fabricated. To separate the fake reviews from the real ones, just look at the style. Real people will not exactly take time to write a review that seems to resemble an academic paper. If you spot any fake reviews, step aside – that company doesn’t seem to be legitimate.

You can also use different online sources where you can read honest moving reviews. Yelp and Google Reviews will certainly offer a plethora of opinions on any given moving company. That will make it easier for you to choose your perfect local or long distance movers.

Local moving and long distance moving are different in many aspects

But they also have plenty of similarities, like the need for a reliable mover. No matter how simple your move may seem, the truth is you’ll need professional help. At least both local moving and long distance moving give plenty of opportunities for finding what you need. The moving industry has become a lucrative one, and that means there are many moving companies around. It’s just a matter of finding the right one for your needs! And avoiding moving fraud, of course!

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