Design ideas for your New Jersey townhouse

From the beautiful Hudson River and its Palisades to the (in)famous Jersey shore and its numerous boardwalks, the State of New Jersey has a lot to offer to everyone, from passing tourists to local residents. And we at the Gibraltar Van Lines are more than happy to provide the best service to those who choose to make it their new home. So if you are considering moving to New Jersey to escape all the noise of neighboring New York, or on the contrary, you are moving closer to it for business we are the moving company that you would want to call. We can also provide you with some charming and clever design ideas for your New Jersey townhouse.

Design ideas for your New Jersey townhouse
Creative design ideas for your New Jersey townhouse

Getting started

When it comes to designing your space just to your personal preferences, it is very important to have all your furniture delivered to you undamaged and in top condition. It is hard to think about the most aesthetically pleasing layout if your main concern is hiding all the scrapes and dents. As licensed and reliable residential movers in NJ, we can help you settle perfectly in your new home in one of the lovely coastal towns of New Jersey. And if you are moving to the west bank of the Hudson River to be close to the Big Apple, our movers are the best for the job. So once you chose the best moving company to deliver your furniture to your new residence it is time to start thinking creatively.

Things to consider when thinking of the design ideas for your New Jersey townhouse

There are several things you need to be aware of when thinking of designing your new home. There are upsides to living in NJ such as good weather, closeness to New York and the ocean, but there are also downsides. The smaller lot and house sizes are one of them as our movers in Hoboken NJ could tell you. So to maximize the good and minimize the bad, here are some details you should pay attention to.

  • think of limitations
  • think practically
  • consider the weather
Hudson river
NJ is the most densely populated state in the USA

Think of the limitations

As New Jersey is the fifth smallest state based on the land area, but with a population that exceeds 9 million. When thinking of an interior design for your NJ house, you have to think small. It is very likely that the house you buy in the most densely populated state in the USA will be space-efficient. This does not necessarily mean that it has to feel crowded, cluttered, or claustrophobic. You just have to find the right layout and wisely pick your furnishing. Don’t go for unnecessary details. The same thing that works for a house in a country is probably going to feel out of place in a city. You would want to avoid anything that takes too much space and makes it harder to move through the house. There are also many ways to make a relatively small space look far more spacious, open, and welcoming.

Think practically

For your New Jersey home design, consider using foldable furniture. There are a lot of creative solutions for almost any common furniture item. You are probably already familiar with some of them. For example, foldable chairs and dining tables. And if you already have this kind of furniture our Hudson county movers will be glad to transport it for you. Wall beds are another good idea for saving some space as well. If you are a tidy type of person this should work quite well for you. It is also advisable to use a lot of hanging elements to keep the floor free for walking. Keep things you commonly use close at hand and things you need rarely higher up. And if your house includes a staircase consider turning the stairs into drawers.

Think of the weather

For those who are using state to state movers in NJ to relocate from a different country weather can be a nice surprise. As the climate in NJ tends to be pleasant, it is important to utilize its potential as much as possible. Large clear windows are a great idea for a New Jersey home design. This should help brighten up a home making it feel much warmer. When buying curtains consider going for light semi-translucent materials instead of heavier ones. Try using lighter colors as well. As you would be wanting to spend most of your free time outside think of having a front or back porch that you sit and can relax on. Try to find enough space for a bicycle or any other item you can use for an outdoor activity.

Pick the right flooring

A nice, hardwood floor is an attractive prospect for anyone who wants a nice cozy home. It has a sort of a classic and timeless look to it. It is also very durable and safe. But due to humidity, it is not a good idea to use it for every room in the house. For a bathroom, kitchen, hallway, or staircase tile is a much better option. For areas that are frequently walked through, you would want something that is easy to clean. Tile floor might not be the cheapest option, but it will last longer than laminate or linoleum. Carpets are a nice addition but it is better to have them cover smaller areas that do not require frequent cleaning.

The right colors for  your New Jersey home design

Knowing how to choose the best colors for your walls, floors, and furnishing is the key to good design. Colors can have a powerful effect. When considering the right colors to pick go for those that have pleasant associations. If the space is smaller also think of using more light and bright colors.

color palette
Choose the right color for your new home in NJ

This will make the space look much larger and more inviting. For design ideas for your New Jersey townhouse, you might want to use hues that wouldn’t look out of the place on a beach. Sandy pastels, light blues, fluffy pinks or shades of cream, beige or near white. But don’t be afraid to accentuate certain areas with more vibrant or darker colors. Drops of indigo or gray can add to the atmosphere that reminds you of the seacoast as well.

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