Coziest Essex County cities for seniors

Retirement should be one of the best parts of your life. Finally, you can focus on everything you ever wanted in your life. You can focus on your hobbies or sports activities,  the possibilities are endless for you when you retired. Now, you can choose to live anywhere in the world, unless you are tied to a particular country or a city. If you are an Essex County lover, then we prepared for you the top 5 coziest Essex County cities for seniors.

Are you looking for a quiet place to live, with historical significance? Or maybe you are looking for a place that provides many sports activities with great landscapes and a bit of vintage touch? We prepared a list of the top 5 Coziest Essex County cities for seniors.

Here we go!

  • Roseland
  • Fairfield Township
  • Cedar Grove Township
  • Short Hills
  • Verona


Like a said before if you are looking for a quiet place to spend the rest of your life, maybe you should take Roseland into consideration. Roseland is a quiet and small town, just 3 square miles big. Residents of this town said that is one of the best Essex County cities to retire. Here, you have everything you need, great parks, markets, church… Roseland has an excellent public school which is highly rated.

Roseland is a suburb and has a sparse suburb area feel. If you are looking to find a house to buy in Roseland, the price range is a little bit higher than usual. You can buy a house in Roseland from $485,100 to $1,200,000. Most residents in Rosland own their house, but if you want a house for rent, you will need to pay $2,579. Roseland is an extremely high safe place to live, so you don’t need to worry that someone is going to rob you. People here know each other through school, concerts or public activities. This town can be your dream town, you just need to find professional movers Essex County NJ.                                                                   Staying healthy when retired is a really important thing for you

Firefield Township

Firefield Township is also a quiet and calm place to live, like Roseland is, but is a little bit affordable. It’s pretty much similar to Roseland, but it has a rural area feel, with Target, gas station, mall, grocery store, and much more in relatively close proximity. Residents of this suburb say that this is a great Essex County city for seniors, and one of the reasons is that this suburb provides a public pool through the summer season and also access to a library. The suburb is a host of events also.

One of the best things in Firefield Township is that taxes are lower than the other Essex County cities. The price range of the houses is a little bit cheaper than Roseland. If you wanna afford a house here, you will need to pay $399,900 to $799,00 but if you want to rent a house, the price is really affordable. This is also one of the coziest Essex County cities for seniors, cus It’s a close-knit community everybody almost knows each other, and also this is a really safe place. Come and visit, you are not going to regret it.

Cedar Grove Township

Cedar Grove Township is also a great place to stay when you retired. It’s a little bit larger than Roseland and Firefield Township with a population of 12,516. He has a dense suburban area feel. If you choose to move to Cedar Grove you should know there are a little bit higher taxes, and here live upper-class population. The houses are very nice and classy. The price range is between $779,000- $473,100, and here, families are tribal, so this is one of the reasons why Cedar Grove is on the list of Coziest Essex County cities for seniors. But, be sure you are going to find the best movers NJ.

Here, in Cedar Grove, we have lots of parks like:

  • Cedar Grove Community Park
  • Mills Reservation County Park
    Hilltop Reservation Dog Park
    Sunset park
    Here you can find upcoming events in Cedar Grove.                                                                  Great park for long walks in one of the Essex County cities for seniors

Short Hills

Yeah, we came up to Short Hills. Short Hills is a suburb of New York City with a population of 13,428. This suburb is really expensive one, so, advice is, you should live here just if you can afford that. Some residents are billions or millions, so taxes here are pretty wild. This is a safe neighborhood with friendly people, a train station, and local stores. Short Hills and Livingston Mall close by.

If you a lover of the fine arts, you are going to fit in this town. Like I said before, some of the residents here are billions and millionaires, and they love spending money on art. But, be careful when it comes to relocating, you will need to find good movers like fine art movers NJ.                                                                    One of the luxury houses in Short Hills suburb in Essex County


Verona is a diamond when we talk about the Coziest Essex County cities for seniors. I’m not joking, this is a really good place to live when retired. Here, in Verona, you definitely have everything you need. You don’t need to be milioner to afford house hire, the price range is between $439,900 and $619,000, which is really low in regard to other towns on the list. Medical transport information is available to Verona residents.
Also, there are exercise groups for seniors, with so many activities. Recreational trips include monthly lunches at local restaurants, and programs such as bingo games, shopping, and card & board game days. You will be going to have an access to a library and a swimming pool. Also, you can send registration for Adult & Senior summer programs. I would definitely recommend this city to you if you want to be an active and healthy senior.

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