Common safety challenges when moving house state to state

You might not think that moving can be dangerous for you and your belongings. However, there are safety challenges when moving house state to state that you should be aware of. Most often safety challenges are happening in a DIY move. This is a move where you don’t hire professional movers and do all yourself from packing to loading. This can be quite challenging and it’s not very advisable to move by yourself. You can cause yourself some serious harm and also damage your items beyond repair. For this reason, you should hire Gibraltar Van Lines to minimize the common mistakes that can lead to injuries and damages. But, for your own safety, you should also learn how to stay safe during relocation.  

What are common safety challenges when moving house state to state?  

Moving from one state to another is a big task. It’s much easier to plan a local move than a long-distance one. However, there are solutions for any problem, and for your problem are movers in Hoboken NJ. Moving house is a big task and you can’t do it without careful planning and professional help. For this reason, the first thing you should do is to make a solid moving plan. First, you need to decide your moving budget, moving date, and the type of your move. You can either move with professional movers or completely alone. There is a huge misconception that a DIY move is much cheaper than moving with a moving company. Mistakes are more common in DIY and many of them are more expensive than the cost of professional movers. Additionally, usual safety challenges during relocation are: 

  • Damages to items  
  • Injuries  
  • Lost items  
  • Getting scammed  
man is wondering what are the common safety challenges when moving house state to state
The most common safety challenges when moving house state to
state are damages and injuries

What are the most common damages to your belongings?  

You are moving all your belongings with you because you don’t have to buy all new ones after your relocation. For this reason, you must be careful not to damage your belongings during relocation. Furniture gets damaged the most during relocation. The reason is because of their size and weight and if you try to do it alone and not with help from Hudson County movers. Therefore, when you are moving furniture, the first step is to measure doorways and your furniture to see if they will fit through. If some of your furniture is bigger than the size of a doorway, you need to find alternative exit pathways like windows. Also, you should disassemble any furniture that you can as it is easier to carry out piece by piece than the whole piece.   

How to pack your items to prevent any possible damages and other safety challenges when moving house state to state?  

Another important aspect of preventing damages to your items is packing. Packing is the biggest and hardest part of moving. However, it is also the most important part and the main reason why you should hire residential movers in NJ. Additionally, you need to get quality packing supplies. It won’t be very useful if you pack your items in damaged or wet moving boxes. Also, try not to use already used moving boxes. The best place to get quality packing supplies is a moving company. If you get a full-service move, your movers will bring packing supplies with them. When packing items such as books in cardboard boxes, you should pick sturdy medium-sized boxes. The point is that your box doesn’t break down under the weight of items when you pick it up. Also, you should wrap all your items with bubble wrapping or some other packing supplies.  

man and woman packing their items
You need to get quality packing supplies

What are the most common injuries during relocation?  

While it is important to prevent any possible damages to your belongings, you can’t forget about yourself. Moving injuries are very common in inexperienced movers and people doing a DIY move. While a few scratches and bruises are not serious, broken bones and back pain certainly are. The most common moving injury is back pain. Back pain doesn’t sound like a very serious injury as many people experience it daily. However, often lumbar disc becomes irritated and can cause muscles spasm, limiting the range of movement, and serious pain. This injury can even put you on bed rest for weeks and often requires physiotherapy. You must admit that this does sound very serious and something that you certainly don’t need during relocation. This is also one of the reasons why you should hire state to state movers in NJ for your relocation.  

Safety challenges when moving house state to state- how to prevent injuries?  

There are ways to prevent moving injuries from happening. For this reason, you must wrap all sharp objects in packing paper or bubble wrapping. It’s also important to dress comfortably. You shouldn’t dress in too large or baggy clothes as you can easily trip while carrying heavy boxes. Wearing gloves when loading a moving truck will prevent any protentional scratches. Additionally, you must know proper lifting techniques when lifting heavy items such as furniture or big boxes. You can prevent serious back injuries with these lifting techniques. For this reason, you should never pick up heavy objects just by bending forward. Also, you should use a dolly when transporting heavy items to the moving truck. Don’t forget to stretch during the day and take enough breaks to rest.   

woman carrying heavy box
Learn proper lifting techniques

The solution for your troubles would be professional movers  

As you can see, there are many safety challenges when moving house state to state. The most common are damages and injuries. Almost all safety moving challenges can be prevented by simply hiring professional movers. After all, you will need some experience to prepare a move properly and professional movers will help you greatly. For this reason, if this is your first time moving from state to state, you shouldn’t consider doing a DIY move. Instead, you should look for a reliable moving company with good reviews and experience. Also, it’s important to get quality packing supplies and to know proper lifting techniques. 

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