Common home decorating mistakes and how to fix them

When it comes to home decorating mistakes, there are a few simple basic rules that are really universally valid. If you follow them, you are on the safe side. They will help you find the suggestions and inspiration to rekindle the joy of your home. Taste is a matter of debate – even when it comes to home decorating. How you decorate your home very often depends on the space, the budget, and your own taste. Gibraltar Van Lines will give you a few tips on how to avoid the most common home decorating mistakes.

Less is more

Especially when it comes to decoration, there is a fine line between effective and overloaded. Therefore, reduce your decorative treasures to a few favorite pieces. These, however, should be close to your heart. Dispose of everything that does not really mean anything to you! When you move with fine art movers NJ it is an opportunity to get rid of unnecessary decorations. From the eighth vase, which actually has no place on your sideboard to the too many cushions in the trendy color which will only get in the way when you want to sit on the sofa.

Home decorating mistakes - Less is more
When we say less is more, we really mean it!

There are many small plants in the room

In itself, plants are a good idea. But placing many small ones in equally small pots on the windowsill is a home decorating mistakes that happen often. You’d rather rely on less. Individual larger plants in large pots create a beautiful room climate and a lively and cozy appearance.

Home decorating mistakes not having suitable carpet 

A carpet visually enlarges the room. However, this only applies if the carpet is the right size. A carpet that is too small and just covers the area under the coffee table does not look very comfortable. It is better to choose a larger rug that reaches under the couch and creates a cozy corner.

Your furniture is too big for the room 

A large couch to lounge on is something wonderful. But you also have to have space for it. If your living room is small, you should rather use a two-seater and armchair instead of a living room landscape in order not to overload the room. That way your living room won’t look cluttered and you will avoid one of the most common homes decorating mistakes.

Home decorating mistakes the curtains are unfavorably placed 

The position of the curtain rod has an enormous influence on how the whole room looks. The basic rule is: the curtains should be placed as high and as far as possible from the window. On the one hand, this way you do not restrict the window area and ensure sufficient light incidence. On the other hand, windows appear larger when the curtains are placed at a certain distance. You can easily avoid these home decorating mistakes by hanging your curtains the right way.

Floor lamp beside sofa and window
Home decorating mistakes you want to avoid is placing the curtains in the wrong way.

We hope the tips have helped you avoid home decorating mistakes. Call movers Morristown NJ f you need help during the move and thus reduce the stress of moving.

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