Climate controlled storage 101

Are you thinking of freeing up some space in your home? Then the time has come to declutter. But before you put your things in storage Montclair NJ, there are some things you need to know. Choosing the right type of storage is not always easy. People often go for the regular ones because they are cheaper. Yet often, this turns out to be a mistake that can cost you a lot of money. Especially if you have items that are sensitive to temperature changes. In that case, the best solution for you is climate controller storage. Since they have a lot of environmental stability, your things will be safe, and you can store them for a long time. But these are not the only advantages. Here are some climate controlled storage 101 tips that can help you choose the one that is right for you.

To understand climate controlled storage in-depth you need to know what items need them

Not all of your belongings need storage with climate control. For most of them, you can use a regular self-storage unit and be certain that they will be safe. But some exceptions need a special kind of care. Movers Montclair NJ have in-depth experience with sensitive items, and they always make sure to store them in climate controlled units. For instance, electronics, books, and artworks all need to be in a stable environment. Also, some materials can degrade fast if they are not protected well. For example, leather, metal, glass, and plastic. Likewise, paper can become moldy, and metal can rust if it is not stored properly. But in a controlled setting like this, they will last indefinitely, and you will not have to worry.


old books stacked on on top of the other
Storage with climate control will help you regulate the humidity levels

Climate controlled storage 101 starts with – protection from extreme temperatures

In winter, temperatures can plummet well below the level of freezing. And this can be disastrous for your belongings. Especially if you are storing things like musical instruments or electronic equipment. Gibraltar Van Lines know that the same applies to the warm weather in the summer. Specifically, if you are storing arts like paintings or music on vinyl. The first thing you should know about climate controlled storages is that they have temperature regulators. And that means that there is no way that the outside temperature will affect your belongings. Instead, the temperature inside is kept at a stable level that does not fluctuate. You can rest assured that in these units, all your belongings will be safe from damage.

A storage unit with climate control keeps away dust and dirt

If you used a regular storage unit, then you know that after some time everything will be covered in dust. That’s why you always have to efficiently pack everything into boxes and cover it with plastic sheets. And that is just another thing that will cost you money and time. Not to mention how hard it will be to breathe once you start unpacking. One of the benefits of storage with climate control is that there is no dirt and no dust. The way you left your thing is the same way you will find them. It is because all of the units are located inside of the building. So there is no danger of flooding that can bring with it muck and debris. Also, all of them are airtight, so there is no way for dust to enter. Hence everything in there will stay clean.

For advanced climate controlled storage 101 choose the one with a humidity regulator

Of all the dangers, the moisture in the air is the worst kind. Since water can get to every nook and cranny there is not much you can do about it. And after a while, everything you stored will smell of mold like it was in a basement. Therefore it is better to put your things in a storage unit that has a humidity regulator. But the smell is not the only benefit. Humidity levels change with seasons. Also, objects made out of wood can swell and crack when there is too much moisture in the air. So it is best to have control over the environment.

temperature and humidity measuring device
Storage with climate control will help you regulate the humidity levels

In an environmentally controlled storage there is no exposure to pests

The most dangerous thing for some items is pests. Since for example rats and mice love to snack on paper and fabrics, you always need to safeguard against them. Unfortunately, they always somehow manage to invade even the most protected spaces. And no matter how many traps you leave, they continually avoid them. Since the damage they can leave can cost you a lot of money, the smart thing to do is sidestep them completely. Climate controlled storage 101 can help you with that. When you store your valuables in a place that is so tightly secured there are no unwanted guests. Everything will be safe from damage that rats, mice, and insects can do.

mouse on the ground
These units are airtight and give an extra layer of protection against pests

Find out everything there is to know about climate controlled storage before you rent it

Armed with climate controlled storage 101 knowledge, you will be able to choose the right unit for you. Montclair NJ has a vast number of different kinds of storage units. But the good thing is they all share few things. As they are all located inside buildings and airtight, there is no way dust and pests can get in. Also, all of them have a stable temperature. And lastly, if you have more sensitive items, rent the one with a humidity regulator. Thus it is important to know what items and materials would benefit most from being stored here. Since not everything you own needs a stable environment.

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