Charming NJ places for your second house

When looking for new investments, a vacation home, or just another house, location is the key. There are many charming NJ places for your second house. We at Gibraltar Van Lines will help you find a perfect location. Let’s get straight to it. Many things make New Jersey amazing. It can offer something to everyone, whether it’s a stunning view of the New York skyline, beautiful parks, or interesting architecture. Also, proximity to New York is great for business. Here are some of our top choices:

  • Hoboken, one of the best NJ places for your second house
  • Weehawken, another great NJ suburb
  • Secaucus, a beautiful place to live in
A beatiful view of the New York skyline.
Breathtaking views of New York are a small part of what Hudson County has to offer.

When you make your choice and start planning a residential relocation for your new house, consider calling residential movers in NJ. They will give you a free quote and make your move an exciting and painless experience, whichever place in NJ you choose for your next house.

Hoboken – one of the NJ places for your second house you shouldn’t rule out

If you like city life, Hoboken is the place for you. It has a decent population of 60,417. Furthermore, it’s one of the most densely populated municipalities in the United States. Also, it’s part of the New York metropolitan area and a major transportation hub. Hoboken offers more than 8 beautiful parks, many historic sites, etc. The first officially recorded baseball game took place here. The city also offers interesting architecture. Call movers in Hoboken NJ for any help with your future relocation to Hoboken.


Another attractive NJ place for your second house is Weehawken. It overlooks the Hudson River, in the northern part of Hudson County. More than 17,000 people call Weehawken home. One of its most famous attractions is the panoramic view. Also, Weehawken offers many beautiful parks, charming Park avenue, and some beautiful historic districts.

If you come from out of state, you will need help from interstate movers. We at state to state movers in NJ offer the most bang for your buck in addition to a reliable and hassle-free service.


Our final candidate for your second house in NJ is Secaucus. The town offers a suburban feel, most of all in the county. It’s home to 12.264 people. According to many, it’s a great place to relocate to. Secaucus offers some great plazas like Harmon Meadow Plaza, which is the downtown area of Secaucus. Furthermore, there are many great shops and outlets in the town’s large retail areas. It doesn’t lack parks and interesting locations too.

Movers driving a truck, helping relocating to NJ places for your second house
Call movers for more information on charming NJ places for your second house.

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As you can see, these charming NJ places for your second house offer more than a great location. Hopefully, we helped you make the right decision. If you need any further information, give Hudson County movers a call. Our team of moving professionals will leave no questions unanswered.

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