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No matter how big your home is, storage space is somehow always lacking. We just keep accumulating stuff in our house until and tend not to throw anything away. Over time, the amount of things builds up to an unmanageable number. Once you unpack your moving boxes NJ, you need to put the stuff from there somewhere.. But what to do when you are in need of budget-friendly storage solutions? Well, you read this article, of course!

We will provide you with several really nifty storage ideas, from baskets to kitchen space savers. These ideas will help you store more items in your home. So, let us begin with the most practical thing.

One of the best budget-friendly storage solutions – Baskets!

Baskets are a Swiss army knife of the storage world. You can use these containers for practically anything. You can then hang them, stack them or simply drop them down on the floor. These versatile containers are ideal for using all of the vertical space that your home can provide. Simply by placing a lot of stuff in these baskets and spacing them evenly across the apartment, you will “obtain” a lot more space. Of course, if you still need additional space after using all of these tips, you might want to consider storage Montclair NJ, which is quite affordable nowadays.

Basket Shelves

Another great idea and one that is quite easy to accomplish are basket shelves. The way you do this is you take a basket and you hang it on the wall but on its side. Voila, you got yourself a shelf! Of course, these are not really living room material, they are best in children’s rooms or in a bathroom.

If you want to further customize your new shelves, some painting goes a long way. If you are not really artistically inclined, simple spray paint will do. It will add that touch of character that every item in your home needs to have.

Create basket shelves to store some of your items!

Don’t throw away Wipes Containers!

We all use wipes, for different reasons. The most common one is to use them for wiping the nose of our child, and similar. The fact of the matter is that the containers for these wipes are pretty handy as a storage solution. If you think about it for a minute, I am sure you can find a lot of uses for a container such as this one.

To give you a few hints, you can use it to store school supplies, for example. Or perhaps some of your small tools. You know your needs the best, however, and you will certainly find a way to utilize these great containers.

Organizers For Your Garage

Another way for creating more space in your garage is to employ garage organizers. This is one of the more costly budget-friendly storage solutions but it is definitely worth it. Again, the goal here is to use vertical space, by stacking these organizers one on top of another. You can also organize a garage sale if you want to declutter and organize your garage better!

Make sure to label them properly, perhaps personalize them as well, depending on whether someone other than you is ever going to enter that room. Making your garage look decent is something your family members will definitely appreciate.

Make more space in your garage! Create garage organizers!

Use Them in Your Children’s Room

But why stop there, these nifty organizers have uses other than in the garage, too! You can utilize them in any children’s room to great effect. Just make sure to give your kid plenty of stickers, too! Kids are sticklers for stickers and these garage containers are the perfect canvas for them.

You will organize your kid’s room and allow her to start being creative with stickers, paints or whatever is her desire. Just make sure to thoroughly clean them if you are moving them from the garage. You don’t want to expose your kid to any heavy metals that might have accumulated over the years in the garage.

Wall Hangers – Great budget-friendly storage solutions!

Wall hangers, or simply hooks, are another one of great budget-friendly storage solutions. If you are moving to a smaller apartment, you will need a lot of budget-friendly storage ideas but also, you will need some useful tips for downsizing! You need a wall and you most likely have that already and you need some hooks or hangers.  After that, it is a simple matter of attaching these hangers to a wall and presto! You now have a storage space on the wall, easy as that.

As you might have noticed, verticality plays a big part in acquiring more storage space. Anything that helps you utilize the vertical spaces is a great storage solution. And there are few things that are better for that than wall hangers or hooks.

wall hangers
Wall hangers and hooks are also excellent ideas!

Bathroom Declutter

There are a few things that are more annoying than having a small bathroom. There are just so many items that you actually need in the bathroom that it can be a nightmare to fit them all in! Well, verticality comes to the rescue yet again.

The key is to use that wall space effectively. One way of doing this is by creating some shelves. You can use baskets for this if you so wish. The idea is to have something that will double as a storage container and room decoration.

Your new shelves need not be big, perhaps you will be better served by smaller, but more numerous, shelves. With this type of budget-friendly storage solutions it all depends on the layout of your bathroom and where is the available wall space.

Budget-Friendly Storage Solutions – Kitchen space-savers!

I am definitely preaching baskets and verticality here and the last place you can use it is the kitchen. If you apply the previous advice, and place shelves made from baskets on the walls, you will have a perfect place for your sponges, spices and similar items. After the relocation, you will also need some tips on how to pack your kitchen like a pro!

If you have mason jars that are just lying around, these are a great storage item as well. You can use them for storing knives and other kitchen utensils. By thinking about it for a bit, you are sure to find a great design that will be both practical and fun. As they say, the sky is the limit!

These were some of the best budget-friendly storage solutions that you can use in your home but there are many more! Just remember, verticality is your friend!

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