Best ways to minimize downtime during office relocation

Even small moves are usually quite stressful and costly. Now imagine you need to organize a complete office move. An office move is for sure more complicated than a regular house moves, and there are many reasons for that. First of all, there are more items that need to be moved, such as specialized equipment and technology. When moving offices for a business, the famous adage that time is money applies. This means that the time lost in the move often means financial losses for the company. At Gibraltar Van Lines we know that it is really important for a company to minimize downtime during office relocation.

Involve your employees in the moving process

The best way to minimize downtime during an office relocation is to place a high priority on employee involvement from the beginning.  Many people often have a fear of change. As with any process, it is therefore beneficial to involve employees in the relocation process, making them feel that they are part of the process and that their opinions and advice will be taken into account when planning the move. If the employees are not or insufficiently involved, this can lead to the fact that the employees feel excluded. This however affects to a large extent exactly them, and they are the most important asset of the company.

Minimize downtime during office relocation
Successful employee involvement will determine in large part how the move is perceived within the company.

Where and when to start

Relocation is a process of change and it takes time. For a company move it is important to make a clear plan and if possible, depends on the size of a company, start preparing more than 6 months in advance. Draw up a schedule and decide whether the move could perhaps take place partly over a weekend. In this way, you will be able to minimize downtime during office relocation. In addition, setting up the new business premises takes a lot of time even after the actual move and must not be forgotten in the planning. A company move is therefore not only the move itself, but a project for a period of several months. It would be good to start looking for office movers NJ as soon as you made a decision to relocate.

Move during holidays to minimize downtime during office relocation

Move during holidays can help you to minimize downtime during office relocation. It may come at a higher price when it comes to hiring moving services NJ, but in the end, this investment can save you money. You should do the calculation. If the loss of profit because of downtime is greater than the difference of higher prices during holidays, it is not a no-brainer. In this case, it pays off to relocate during the holidays.

Man sealing cardboard box with tape
Move during holidays and you can minimize downtime during office relocation!


Contact the best moving companies in NJ and see what will work best for your company. After the move is successfully done make a small celebration for your employees. In this way, you can say thank you for their cooperation in the move. Now you can have a good start at your company’s new location.

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