Best suburbs to live in Hudson County

 Many people are looking for suburbs to live in Hudson County. You will feel like you are living in New York City, due to many shopping centers, bars, and restaurants. An additional perk to living in Hudson County is that the rent is lower than in New York City. Public spaces, such as parks, are also bigger. There are a lot of choices available for daily commuters. New Jersey Transit buses and trains, NY Waterways ferries, Water Taxis, and PATH trains.

Hoboken is a great place for young professionals and artists

One reason for choosing to live in Hoboken is that it is easy to commute to Manhattan. Another reason is that the costs of living are lower than in Manhattan neighborhoods. Since the median income in Hoboken is double the national average, you might consider getting a job within it. The cost of living is still high, and the housing prices are around $600,000. The artistic and cultural scene is booming in Hoboken, which makes it a great suburb to live in Hudson County. If you are in possession of some pictures or sculptures, try finding fine art movers NJ to help you move them. It is considered to be safe, as it has a low crime rate.

A picture of hoboken, one of the suburbs to live in Hudson County
Hoboken is one of the best suburbs to live in Hudson County

If you are looking for quiet suburbs to live in Hudson County, then pick North Bergen

Considered the safest part of Hudson County, North Bergen has a population of around 60,000 people. It has many parks, coffee shops, and restaurants. Since New York City is nearby, you can easily get to it and enjoy its nightlife. Another perk of living in North Bergem is its affordability. Many apartments are built by the Hudson River, offering great views of the city.

If you are moving between two states, then hire professionals that will make sure to keep your items safe.

Jersey City, a great place for both professionals and college students

Being less than 10 minutes away from the World Trade Center by PATH train makes Jersey City a very attractive location. It is appealing to young parents who would still like to enjoy city life, but want something safer than New York City. An additional benefit is the redeveloped waterfront, which has improved the city’s economy and commerce, thereby affecting the quality of life.

It is also worth mentioning that Jersey City is an attractive place for college students who are looking for suburbs to live in Hudson County. There are two colleges located in Jersey City – Saint Peter’s College and New Jersey City University. If you have received a scholarship at one of these colleges, look for movers NJ to accommodate your moving needs.

A view of Jersey City
Jersey city is very attractive to student and young professionals

If low tax and niceties are your cup of tea, move to Weehawken

Located opposite Midtown Manhattan, Weehawken is a residential community with around 13,000 people, which also possesses a business district. It is one of the suburbs to live in Hudson County that is very well connected with Jersey City and New York City. The taxes in Weehawken are as low as 1,49% which makes it even more appealing. Its Waterfront has various niceties like dog parks, tennis courts, a lot of biking and running trails, and more. You should look for Hudson County movers to make your transition from NYC or elsewhere as smooth as possible.

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