Best Places to Rent a Flat in NJ

Moving to New Jersey is a bit more than just having lots of opportunities in New York City. The state is filled with profitable industries, green spaces, beautiful beaches, great cuisine, and lots of diversity. If you just want to hit the shore or shop downtown, you can have it all in New Jersey. However, the hard part about moving is finding the best places to rent a flat in NJ. Unsure about where to start? Continue reading this article by Gibraltar Van Lines to see what are the best places to rent a flat in NJ.

Best Places to Rent a Flat in NJ

New Jersey is located comfortably between New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and the Atlantic Ocean. Its got an area of only 8,722.58 square miles. It’s of the smallest states, and yet it has been ranked as the second wealthiest state in America, with a per capita income of $37,288, a fact that makes it one of the most recommendable places to live. Are you interested in moving to New Jersey? Let’s check out what are the best places to rent a flat.

New Jersey place flat
New Jersey is easy to recommend because it’s one of the wealthiest states in America.


If you like calm places, you will like it here. Madison is great for those who aren’t completely done with city life (or those who still go to New York City for work). Located just off the highway and less than an hour from Manhattan, it’s an easy drive to New York City. The train (Morristown Line) is going to get you to Penn Station at about the same time. Madison also gives out a charming storybook vibe. You can expect a walkable downtown with lots of restaurants, boutiques cafes, art galleries, historic buildings, and The F.M. Kirby Shakespeare Theatre.

And while it’s always lovely, the scene in the summer is nothing but beautiful. Kids are running through sprinklers in the front year, families are lining up outside the local ice cream parlor, the smell of hamburgers wafting through the streets. Have we mentioned the Memorial Day parade has floats, live music, antique cars, and fire trucks? This amazing Morris County borough isn’t just some perfect suburban fantasy come to life. There are notable, practical reasons to move here such as the low crime rate, reasonable taxes, stellar schools, and rising home values.

Ocean City

Ocean City has a wholesome reputation and it’s perfect for those who go on holidays and full-time residents. When it comes to a livability standpoint, you can’t beat the nice coastal climate and lots of year-round outdoor activities. Also, Ocean City also wins points for its gorgeous beaches and overall cleanliness. And because it’s a dry town, you don’t have to worry about booze-fueled escapades and noisy nightclubs.

This attractive seaside gem is probably best known for its famous boardwalk that’s lined with tons of souvenir shops, arcades, ice cream stands, themed mini-golfs, and eateries. Kids of all ages go to Playland’s Castaway Cove with the promise of classic amusement rides such as roller coasters and the cyclone. You can go over to Gillian’s Wonderland Pier for a bit more seasonal fun. There isn’t a rule that says you can’t go for a boardwalk even when the temperatures go down. In the off-season, it’s also nice to go birdwatching or explore the hiking trails in Corson’s Inlet State Park.

North Bergen

Would you like to live near NYC without paying Big Apple prices? North Bergen may be the perfect place to settle down! With a population of about 60,000 residents and crime rates 38% lower than the national average, this New Jersey township is a good place for families, young professionals, and retirees alike. Also, the cost of living in North Bergen is lower, with median home prices around $324,000 and median monthly rent prices around $1,200. When you take a look at these prices, it’s easy to see why living in the West New York area is a budget-friendly option! If you want to move to Bergen County, check out Bergen County movers. You will find all the needed help. 

Dog on concrete road
North Bergen is one of the best places to rent a flat in NJ because it’s close to NYC, but not as expensive.

Saddle Brook

If your job requires a lot of time on the road, one of the best places to rent a flat in NJ is Saddle Brook. It’s a small town located in Bergen County that is home to about 14,000 residents. The area has multiple major highways such as Interstate 80, the Garden State Parkway, and Route 17. Actually, this is considered one of the best places for people who travel a lot, and the fact that New York City is just minutes away really says it all. When it comes to recreation, there are lots of things to do in Saddle Brook to keep you busy. There are many community events such as community, baseball game outings, movie nights, and even walks with the mayor!


The rich suburb of Montclair usually ranks among the top-ranking areas in New Jersey. Located just about 30 minutes from Penn Station, this Essex County community has long been popular with city buyers. Montclair stands out as a nice place to settle down. It has a livability score of 86 out of 100. When it comes to taking that next step, maybe even starting a family there are great schools, a glut of outdoor activities, well-maintained parks, and nightlife among its many accolades.

Do you like the arts? Well, you can leaf through poetry tombs at Watchung Booksellers, browse the hip galleries, or take in a show at the Wellmont Theater. Also, Montclair offers cool cultural events, the most notable one being the annual film festival.

Facade of old buildings
Montclair is a rich suburb that offers all kinds of activities.


Hoboken is a relatively small town located at the Hudson River waterfront. What made Hoboken popular for living and working for decades is its proximity to Manhattan—along with its more affordable cost of living. Recently, however, lots of people have been flocking to Hoboken to escape the hustle and bustle of New York without being too far away from the action. Interested in Hoboken? Check out movers in Hoboken NJ. 

Final Thoughts

New Jersey is one of the most beautiful states in America. There are lots of places to rent a flat. Before you start looking for a flat, you’ll need help from some movers North Bergen NJ. Its closeness to New York City adds to its charm. You might have New York City aspirations, but you will not be disappointed if you choose to live in one of the many New Jersey towns close to New York.

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